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List of 10 Best Bluehost Alternatives

A lot of people might choose Bluehost as their WordPress hosting provider. After all, it has been providing services to the internet community for many years without experiencing any big issues. It is also a reasonable option for anyone starting their first website because it is simple to set up and includes a free domain. Make no mistake: Bluehost is one of the top hosting providers, and we continually recommend it. We have also done a comparison of Bluehost vs Hostinger if you are looking for the best Bluehost alternatives, by reading this comparison your query can be answered.

However, just because Bluehost is so well-liked does not imply that it is the best option for your particular requirements. Remember to consider your options before agreeing to Bluehost’s long-term plans.

Why should you consider Bluehost alternatives?

Most likely, you are more focused on Bluehost’s shortcomings while you search for alternatives to it. But first, let’s talk about Bluehost’s strengths before moving on to its weaknesses.

Bluehost provides a variety of hosting packages, including inexpensive shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting. More than 2 million websites from around the world are presently managed by it. It also becomes one of just three hosts since 2005 that WordPress recommends.

It offers a superb hosting administration dashboard that is easy to use. Therefore, Bluehost can make creating a website as simple as possible for beginners, which is better. In addition, Bluehost does a fantastic job of building value-added features into even its budget-friendly plans. For instance, you may obtain:

  • A free domain name for the first year
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Built-in caching
  • Staging websites

Thankfully, we’ve already done all the grunt work for you. The list of our top 10 hand-selected Bluehost alternatives that offer the finest performance and value for your money.

Get comfortable as Techpotamus walks you through the top alternatives to Bluehost because we have a lot to cover in this blog post. Now is the time to start!

A2 Hosting

As one of the swiftest and most dependable Web hosting businesses, A2 Hosting has long maintained its reputation. A2Hosting has been serving its clients covertly for many years. But in recent years, they have begun to receive the attention they truly merit.

To establish new market benchmarks, A2 Hosting places a lot of effort on upgrading its infrastructure. And for that reason, this hosting company ranks among the top ten BlueHost alternatives available.

You can always count on them to deliver excellent work at a fair price. Additionally, this hosting company provides a variety of hosting plans with turbo servers that are up to 20 times faster and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Depending on the type of plan you select, A2 Hosting’s shared hosting packages could run you anywhere from USD 2.99 to USD 14.99 per month. It also provides several hosting plans for dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and WordPress hosting.

The unlimited SSD storage, free Cloud flare CDN account, free site migration, free automatic backups, and speed optimization are included in even A2 Hosting’s most basic plans. An infinite number of email accounts, an A2 site accelerator, unlimited databases, and a free Cloud flare Railgun are all available if you select a higher-tier hosting service.

In Motion Hosting

Another top-notch alternative to BlueHost’s hosting service is InMotion Hosting. It is one of the most potent, dependable, and expert Web hosting companies on the market right now.

In Motion Hosting has presented a full range of digital products and infrastructure technologies after more than 15 years of consistent work and experience in the sector. With its strong and secure web hosting solution, this hosting provider has raised the standard in a field that is so intensely competitive.

With excellent speed and 99.99% uptime, In Motion Hosting offers performance that is both quick and dependable. In addition to that, this hosting provider offers free SSL, website builders, professional email addresses, data backup, and site security.

This web hosting company uses a multi-layer defence for next-generation security and data protection. Additionally, its commercial-grade custom firewall is made to safeguard your apps from online threats.

Unlike Bluehost, In Motion offers industry-leading US-based customer assistance for all of its hosting plans. Along with monitoring and ticketing, it provides live chat, email, and phone help around-the-clock.

Site Ground

The best hosting company for effective website maintenance has always been SiteGround. As a result, SiteGround is without a doubt the greatest Bluehost substitute available today.

This hosting firm had a reputation for being the most dependable and trustworthy hosting provider out there, having earned the trust of over two million subscribers. Numerous hosting plans with cutting-edge technology and excellent security features are available from Site Ground.

Site Ground, which is comparable to Bluehost, focuses mostly on shared and WordPress hosting. However, this hosting firm also offers reseller plans, cloud hosting, and Woo Commerce bundles.

Shared hosting is available in three distinct price ranges, from as little as USD 6.99 per month to as much as USD 14.99 per month. For a high-performing website, managed cloud hosting might run you anything from USD 80 to USD 240 per month.

Green Geeks

Both GreenGeeks and Bluehost offer hosting packages for close to the same cost. GreenGeeks is the greatest option for anyone seeking for a Bluehost substitute at a comparable pricing point.

They are far superior to the majority of web hosts, while being one of the most affordable web hosting companies available. How? One of the few green hosting platforms available is GreenGeeks. Not only does this web server possess a technical edge over its rivals, but it also 300 percent maximises the use of renewable energy.

You may purchase hosting services from Green Geeks that are significantly faster and more secure. All of its hosting packages include blazing-fast hosting speeds and a simple-to-use control panel for managing your domain.

The well-designed hosting platform from GreenGeeks offers a variety of hosting plans, including shared, reseller, virtual private server, and WordPress hosting. The performance of each of these hosting plans is fast, secure, and scalable.

Additionally, for optimal redundancy and quick loading times, this hosting provider employs RAID-10 storage arrays. To further increase the speed of your website, GreenGeeks is outfitted with the most recent speed technologies, such as LiteSpeed, HTTP/2, PHP7, LSCache, MariaDB, and CDN.

The built-in scalability of Green Geeks gives it an advantage over Blue Host. With the help of this functionality, you can easily upgrade your hosting plans and expand computing capacity as needed. This hosting provider provides the highest level of protection through Personalized security policies and zero-day vulnerability solutions.


To be honest, HostGator and Bluehost offer roughly the same online services with pricing possibilities. However, HostGator has an advantage because it provides a little bit more flexibility.

With more than two million websites now utilizing their services, HostGator is without a doubt one of the most well-known web hosting providers. HostGator offers a number of membership plans, domain registration, integrated SEO tools, and a drag and drop website builder that enables you to develop a website in a matter of minutes, just like any other top-tier web company.

HostGator is the way to go if you want to launch your website from scratch. It is due to the fact that this web host provides a free name for the first year to help you launch your website. Likewise, HostGator offers free site transfers if you already have a website.

HostGator’s one-click install function is one of its outstanding features. Regardless of your lack of prior knowledge, this built-in function enables you to complete those activities in the easiest way possible, whether you are creating a website or installing an app.

WP Engine

The market’s most dependable WordPress Digital Experience Platform is by far WP Engine. It has robust technology, consistent uptime, a flexible cloud platform, and award-winning customer service.

Actually, WP Engine should be your only choice if you’re considering starting a WordPress-powered website. To ensure peak performance, this web platform offers a variety of website development tools, cloud hosting, and security options.

But bear in mind that WP Engine was made specifically with WordPress users in mind. You might think about looking elsewhere if you’re seeking for typical shared hosting, VPS, or even dedicated hosting.

All of WP Engine’s hosting plans incorporate top-notch features, such as the Content Delivery Network (CDN) for incredible performance, Large FS software for data transfer and storage, and a one-click staging environment.

However, WP Engine’s plans are not inexpensive. The cheapest hosting package is USD 30 per month. With 10 GB of storage and 50 GB of bandwidth, this plan supports only one website and can accommodate up to 25,000 monthly visits.

However, WP Engine also offers a Custom Plan that offers high performance along with their quickest support response and managed onboarding if you’re in for a large business or mission-critical website. With millions of visitors, this plan supports up to 30 WordPress websites.

Dream Host

DreamHost is a great substitute for Bluehost because of its nearly 25 years in the business. They have been able to preserve constant performance and above-average uptime over the years.

Different web hosting plans and packages from DreamHost are appropriate for basic to mission-critical websites. The starting pack from DreamHost that is the most economical and basic is available for just USD 2.59 per month.

But the features—not the price—are the best part. Top features like unlimited traffic, a free domain, free automated migration, a WP website builder, SSD storage, and a free SSL certificate are included in Dream Host’s shared hosting plans, even the most basic ones.

It might come as a surprise, but DreamHost offers a 100% uptime guarantee. Additionally, you’ll get a credit for the service’s fee if your monthly uptime average falls below the stipulated level. Additionally, DreamHost’s loading times are incredibly reliable and above average.

DreamHost offers unlimited bandwidth and disc space, in contrast to other web servers. As a result, once your website becomes well-known and receives a lot of traffic, you no longer need to worry about network transmission. When your website becomes popular, you also do not need to worry about storage.

Dream Host is one of the few web hosting companies that is ecologically conscientious, much like Green Geeks. They have been working to reduce their servers’ carbon impact in recent years.


We think that a relatively small portion of the global population is unaware of GoDaddy.com. Why else would they be the most well-known web corporation in the world?

But what distinguishes them as a good substitute for Bluehost?

In all honesty, the majority of GoDaddy’s offerings are rather simple. This top web host does not provide extensive features and customized choices, in contrast to other leading web hosts. If you’re a beginning blogger or owner of a small to medium-sized eCommerce business, GoDaddy is all you need.

Nothing more than simplicity is what makes GoDaddy so appealing. Sincerely, you don’t need to worry about website creation anymore. Even if you lack significant technical knowledge, GoDaddy makes the process of creating a fully functional website from start simple and clear.

Pricing-wise, GoDaddy’s hosting options are comparable to those of Bluehost. You can pick from six different hosting packages: shared, word press, woo commerce, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated, and business hosting. The entry-level plan, which offers 30 GB of disc space, 256 MB of RAM, unmetered bandwidth, and a single database, costs USD 1.33 a month.


Another WordPress hosting option worth mentioning among the top Bluehost alternatives is Flywheel. This hosting company offers your website the highest possible uptime and incredible page speeds thanks to highly optimized infrastructures.

Pricing-wise, Flywheel hosting plans are significantly more expensive than those offered by Bluehost. Plans as simple as the most basic start at USD 15 per month. Only one WordPress website with a maximum of 5,000 monthly visits is supported by this plan.

Their top-tier managed to host package, however, can support up to 30 WordPress websites and 400,000 monthly visitors. Pay USD 290 per month if you intend to purchase this plan for your next-level business.

For increased availability and improved performance, Flywheel’s hosting plans all let you add a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to your website. This web host prepares your site for the most popular themes and plugins using their own caching technology, FlyCache.

Flywheel promises that if your website experiences the extremely unlikely occurrence of a service failure, it will automatically repair itself. This hosting platform consequently guarantees more dependable performance, improved uptime, and fewer site crashes.

You won’t need to be concerned about potential security risks brought on by out-of-date WordPress versions when using Flywheel. It’s because the hosting company will handle all the significant and minor WordPress upgrades and maintain the security of your website.

Digital Ocean

To be quite honest, when someone talks about the best web host or even the best Bluehost alternative, we don’t immediately think about DigitalOcean. However, when it comes to web hosting, DigitalOcean actually has a respectable reputation.

They offer high-performing and versatile solutions that work for practically every organization, despite the fact that they are cloud platforms that are attractive to developers. You can launch your website rapidly thanks to DigitalOcean. Additionally, it optimizes and drives the infrastructure of your website for greater dependability.

This web host has a tone of noteworthy features that set it out as one of the top Bluehost alternatives. First and foremost, Digital Ocean is affordable and has a straightforward design.

This hosting company offers servers running Linux and Unix, which are dispersed throughout 13 data centers across the world. With Digital Ocean, you can choose from a variety of confirmation options, including SSD-based storage, one to 32 virtual CPUs, and a number of premium services, most of which are free.

The prices of DigitalOcean’s hosting plans range from $5 to $2500 per month. It offers blazingly quick loading times and offers a 99.99 uptime guarantee for all of its hosting services.

Additionally, Digital Ocean protects your data and web traffic with free cloud firewalls and end-to-end encryption. It makes sure that your website is always protected from Unauthorized users and any cyberattacks. Additionally, Digital Ocean offers regular data backups to safeguard your data and viewers.


Yes, Bluehost provides excellent hosting for all kinds of users. It provides a lot of helpful features, is reasonably priced, and is stable. However, it doesn’t provide the level of service that the majority of the Bluehost alternatives listed here do, so you should definitely reconsider your options. If you have made up your time to consider Bluehost alternatives then you must see the Bluehost vs Squarespace side-by-side comparison to choose the best alternative of Bluehost.

Whether you recently signed up for Bluehost hosting or have been a customer for a while, if you’re not happy with the service, it’s worthwhile to look for a replacement that meets your hosting requirements.

Good enough, all of the Bluehost rivals listed here provide great services that will aid you in developing a prosperous website and improving the user experience for your visitors.


8 best substitutes for Bluehost

  • DreamHost. With almost 20 years of expertise, one of the oldest web hosting providers, DreamHost, ensures a quick and safe hosting solution.
  • HostArmada, HostGator, A2 Hosting, GoDaddy, InMotion Hosting, InterServer, and TMD Hosting are some examples of other web hosts.

Regrettably, the majority of dedicated server services, like Bluehost, demand a fee for privacy protection—usually $10 per domain, per year. Due to the fact that Google Workspace’s platform comes with free privacy protection, Google Domains is the undisputed victor in this regard.


Conclusion:.com is the most trustworthy domain extension, closely followed by.co.

Let’s examine the five most popular domain extensions and the benefits of each for your new domain.

The most popular TLD is unquestionable “.com,” which is also followed by “.net,” “.org,” “.co,” and “.us.”

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