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Why does Canon 70D Error 80 Appear? What is a Solution?

On some EOS 70D digital SLR cameras, error 80 may occasionally show up frequently due to an internal communication issue brought on by the design of the electrical printed circuit board. The camera’s power could not turn on if the use of the device is later prolonged in that mode. The majority of the time, this problem happens when the camera is continually used while operating at a high internal temperature, as while continuously recording videos.

The LCD monitor at the back of the camera or the LCD screen at the top of the camera will both display Error 80.

There may be a few isolated instances of error 80, in which case restarting the power or replacing the battery would restore camera functionality. The recurrence of mistake 80 is the phenomenon that is discussed here.

Only cameras whose serial number’s first two digits fall between “00” and “22” are susceptible to the occurrence.

Cameras having a serial number within the previously mentioned range error 80 which happens often will be examined/repaired without charge. Please be aware that any additional issues will be treated as regular repairs during inspection and repairs. If you are really frustrated with this error and instead of buying another Canon 70D you have decided to upgrade then you can read about the Canon 70D vs Canon 80D comparison that will help you to buy the best camera in your budget.

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