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How To Charge Laptop In a Car

The majority of individuals favor laptops over desktops mostly due to their portability. Laptops are incredibly portable, light, and thin. It is preferable to buy a laptop if you are constantly on the go because they don’t require a constant power supply.

However, laptop batteries deplete over time when used continuously. To continue using this device, you occasionally need to charge it. A power outlet and a laptop charger are required to charge a laptop.

Finding a power outlet to charge your laptop might be challenging at times, especially if you’re driving a long distance. However, there are a few ways to continue using your laptop while driving without being concerned about the battery dying. If you are charger is no more working then don’t worry you can easily charge your laptop wth HDMI.

You may just charge the laptop if you need to use it while driving. In spite of the lack of a power outlet, it is feasible to charge your laptop in a vehicle. Continue reading this article by Techpotamus to learn how to charge your laptop while driving.

Is It Safe to Charge a Laptop in Your Car?

Yes, you may charge your laptop in a car as long as you use the proper power supplies and connections. To prevent any danger or harm, make sure you verify the ports and cables for quality as well as compatibility.

You can utilize your car’s electrical supply to charge your laptop if you want to use it while you commute. But you have to use the right wire and charger for the gadget. Next, attach the cord to the power inverter and your laptop.

Ensure the plug is not located close to a hot engine. Another option is a USB Type-C adapter. However, you should refrain from charging your laptop in the automobile if you have any concerns about its security.

If you use the proper power adapter and connectors, charging your laptop in the automobile is safe. However, if you don’t thoroughly inspect the devices, you run the risk of breaking your laptop. The inverter charger and the power ports on your laptop might both be harmed by using the wrong equipment.

As a result, you should exercise extreme caution when buying these accessories. When buying a power inverter if you want to use your laptop in your car, keep these things in mind.

Does your Car Battery Get Depleted When You Charge Your Laptop?

Yes, charging a laptop while your automobile is stationary can drain the battery. Even while the battery won’t be significantly discharged, it will nonetheless lose power. You must charge your laptop while driving in order to avoid this issue.

The power in your car battery will be greatly reduced if you repeatedly charge your laptop using the stationary car battery or if you keep your laptop charging overnight.

The battery serves as the primary power source for your car when the engine is not running. The battery will become discharged if the engine is turned off while the lights or power cords are still in use.

If you wish to charge your laptop in a parked automobile, you will need a deep-cycle battery. Regular car batteries are not like this battery. After being depleted, it swiftly regenerates.

5 Ways to Charge a Laptop in Your Car

Although there are numerous ways to charge a laptop in your car, we’ll focus on the most common ones if you’re short on time. The five various ways to charge your laptop in a car are listed below.

Method 1: Using An Inverter

You need an AC power source to recharge your laptop’s battery. However, DC energy is provided by a car battery. An AC gadget cannot be powered by a DC power supply. The automobile inverter can still be used even though the car battery cannot be used directly.

To charge the laptop, use a conventional laptop charger and connect it to the car’s inverter. You must purchase a car inverter charger. You can use it to transform DC power into AC electricity. After that, you must attach the power line to the car’s accessible charging port.

Simply plug the laptop charger into the inverter charger at this point. In order to quickly charge your laptop battery, connect the charger to the charging port on your laptop. It is one of the greatest methods for in-car laptop battery charging.

Method 2: Using USB Charger

Your laptop battery can also be charged with a USB charger. Nowadays, a USB Type C connector for charging is seen on many laptops. You may simply recharge your laptop while driving by using a USB charger for laptops, which can eliminate the need for you to bring along an additional power adapter.

Before using the device, make sure your car is compatible with it. This approach, however, will only function if your laptop has a USB Type C charging port. To charge the laptop, you need a Type C USB laptop car charger and cable.

You must connect the charger to the car’s charging port in order to charge your laptop. Connect the opposite end of the cable to your laptop next. This is an easy way to use a USB charger to quickly charge your laptop battery in your automobile.

Method 3: Using Power Bank

It’s a great idea to use a power bank in your car to recharge your laptop while you’re on the go. One can always be kept in your car. Similar to the ones you use to recharge your smartphone, these power banks are functional. However, laptops require more power, so you must buy a strong device.

When choosing a power bank, consider that the laptop battery requires 40W of electricity to recharge. Make sure the power bank you purchase is completely charged. The device can then be charged by simply plugging the cable into a port on your laptop. To begin charging, connect the other end to your power bank and turn it on.

Method 4: Using an Adaptor

Another option is to use an adaptor to charge your laptop while driving. It assists you in converting DC power into AC power and functions similarly to the inverter approach. The main distinction is that a separate wire for charging the laptop is not required. It is directly compatible with the standard charger for the laptop.

All you have to do is purchase an adaptor and connect it to the vehicle’s power supply. After that, all you have to do to charge the laptop is plug your laptop charger into the adapter’s socket.

Method 5: Using Car Laptop Charger

Your laptop can also be directly charged in a car using a laptop charger. The power jack is the only distinction from a laptop charger in terms of how it operates. The charger’s other end must be connected to the cigarette lighter socket in your automobile while the other end goes into the charging port on your laptop.

This kind of laptop charger is simple to get. Make sure the charger is appropriate for the charging port on your laptop before purchasing it, though. Your laptop won’t be able to be charged if it is incompatible.


Therefore, you can use any of the aforementioned techniques to charge the laptop if you wish to use it while driving. You may charge your laptop in your car using the inverter, USB charger, power bank, or adapter.

All of these techniques are really effective and might make it simple for you to start a laptop. To ensure safety, though, be sure to examine the wires’ compatibility and build quality.


It is indeed feasible. If you charge a laptop while the automobile is idle, the battery will lose power. However, charging a laptop while driving doesn’t deplete the battery of the car. If you leave a laptop plugged in to charge in a stationary car overnight, the battery will be significantly discharged.

How long can a laptop be charged with a car battery? You can typically charge your laptop securely for 1-2 hours while the engine is off if you really must.

It ought to be able to generate at least 12 volts and 150 watts of output power. It can deliver this much power to charge your laptop. Once you have located a suitable inverter, record the output voltage.

Yes, you can charge your laptop in a car as long as you use the proper power supplies and connections. To prevent any danger or damage, make sure you check the ports and cables for quality as well as compatibility.

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