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How To Connect Samsung Soundbar To Apple TV

The first step is to install the necessary software if you want to connect your soundbar to Apple TV. The most recent version, iOS 11.4, is required to allow AirPlay 2.

As an alternative, you may use HDMI to connect your Soundbar to your AV receiver. But before attaching the soundbar, be sure to select the right audio format. A great choice for 5.1 channel surround sound is Dolby Atmos, but not all soundbars can play it. You need a TV and a soundbar that support Dolby Atmos in order to hear it. While Apple TV can play a variety of audio formats, you must choose one that supports Dolby Digital if you want 5.1 channel sound.

You may even buy a soundbar with Dolby Atmos if you’re a major music enthusiast. The finest soundbar for Apple TV and one that supports Dolby Atmos is the Samsung HW Q950A. For viewing movies in a huge environment, it offers powerful, punchy sounds and excellent vocals. You might also choose a less costly model like the Samsung HW Q900A. Also, if you don’t have an Apple TV and you are looking to connect a Samsung soundbar any TV that also has similar kinds of steps with some minor changes.

How Do I Connect My Soundbar to My Apple TV?

Techpotamus came up with an easy way to connect your Samsung soundbar to your Apple TV. Start by turning on your TV. Then, from the list of possible audio devices, pick the soundbar after selecting the Apple TV. Your Apple TV will look for nearby Bluetooth devices when you pick the soundbar and link those devices with the soundbar. After that, turn on the soundbar to enjoy your TV’s crisp audio.

You may utilise an HDMI (ARC) connector to link the soundbar to the TV. It is a tidy, dependable, and practical method of tying the two devices together. The sole restriction is that only soundbars that support Airplay2 and Apple TV 4K and HD may use Airplay. Although most soundbars are Bluetooth-compatible, Airplay offers superior audio quality and dependability.

If you don’t have an HDMI cable, you can connect the device to the television via an optical audio cable. The audio wire may or may not be included, depending on the model. The devices can be linked together via an audio cord in either scenario. For further information, be sure to see the handbook. It is frequently published on the model’s support page. Another option is to use an HDMI cable to connect the TV.

Why is My Sound Bar Not Working with Apple TV?

If you can’t use HDMI to connect your Apple TV to your television when using a soundbar, you can run into this issue. Utilize an HDMI cable to connect your soundbar to your Apple TV through HDMI. Once connected, your sound bar should allow you to view movies and listen to music. If you want your soundbar to function correctly, you might need to adjust the audio output on your television.

A mismapped input port might be another issue. Check the user guide that comes with the item to see whether your sound system is mismatched. Obtain one from Google if you can’t locate one. Check out several sorts and content types to see if any are helpful. Try disconnecting the device and looking for faults if it doesn’t appear to help. But if the issue still exists, you should attempt a hard reset to resolve it.

How Do I Add Samsung Soundbar to Apple Homekit?

You must download the Samsung SmartThings app in order to configure the smart home technologies. Then, you may utilise Bluetooth and WiFi to use the app to operate your soundbar. You may associate the Samsung Soundbar with your Apple Homekit device after installing the app. While your TV is connected to the smart home system, this might be a practical way to operate it. It is advised to use the same Apple Homekit account to couple several smart devices.

It may not be correctly inserted in the power cable if you are having problems pairing your Samsung soundbar with your Apple Homekit device. You might want to try powering the gadget up once more if you have to restart it. Make sure the soundbar is set to utilise external speakers if you are unable to link it with your TV. By turning on the Homekit capability, you may also test configuring the gadget to connect to your Apple Homekit device.

Can I Connect a Bluetooth Soundbar to Apple TV?

You might be wondering how to connect a Bluetooth soundbar to your TV if you’re thinking about getting one for your Apple TV. To connect the soundbar to the Apple TV, you need an HDMI cable. Your TV will start looking for nearby Bluetooth devices once you connect in the audio wire. If you already own an Apple TV, you should be able to connect the soundbar to it using an HDMI connection.

The connecting options on the soundbar should be taken into account whether you are buying one for your TV or home theatre. You should choose a device with an HDMI ARC/eARC connector to connect to Apple TV 4K. Although optical audio cable offers the best connection possible, it is insufficient to carry a 5.1 signal and prevents you from operating your TV with the remote.

Why is There No Sound Coming From My Soundbar After Connecting with Apple TV?

Your television is on and your soundbar is fitted, but neither produces any sound. Numerous factors, including bad audio quality or no sound at all, might contribute to this issue. Make sure your soundbar is connected to the appropriate source before looking for solutions. To connect the external audio device, be careful to refer to the source’s handbook. Your television may not be capable of detecting the soundbar. If it doesn’t, check the source device’s audio settings.

Check the settings on the optical cable if your TV is connected to the soundbar with one. The audio input could be different from what the TV supports depending on the model. To play audio, the soundbar must be set to PCM audio. Simply open the inputs on your TV and scroll to the proper one to find out. You must also adjust the soundbar’s volume.


To fix your Apple TV having no sound, ensure you’ve selected the right speaker system and make sure Audio Mode is set to Auto. If not, go to Menu->Settings-> Audio and Video->Audio Format-> Change Format->New Format, and switch it to Stereo.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Remote and Devices.
  • Under Home Theater Control section, set Control TVs and Receivers to ON.
  • Set Apple TV to Auto via HDMI (Receiver) (To use Apple TV’s remote to control soundbar’s volume)

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