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10 Best Crypto Mobile Games for android

Recently, the use of cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed, making them a unique asset class. The original bitcoin keys and the myriad other tokens and currencies that have emerged are just a few options for investing in or using crypto.

On the other hand, there are fewer people creating cryptocurrency because most of them stick to mining. If you’re looking for an alternative method of getting some cryptocurrency, blockchain and crypto games can be a fantastic choice. Lot of Crypto fans are also lover of poker gaming apps. There are amazing best Texas Holdem Apps for Android user who would love to play them with real poker experience.

Top Crypto Mobile Games

Cryptocurrency and gaming already share a lot of similarities. There is a lot happening in exports and gaming, from games creating their own cryptocurrency to crypto exchanges investing in these industries to crypto betting on exports. Both industries are closely entwined, down to their tiniest constituent parts. Playing video games is now a way to get crypto coins. Games based on bitcoin and the blockchain are widely available. But it could be challenging to tell which are real and which are not. Techpotamus has listed down the best crypto mobile games for android that you can install:

You may rely on the following games to earn cryptocurrency and provide you a high return on your time invested in them.

Alien Run

Due to its distinctive gameplay mechanics, Alien Run deserves a spot on this list of the best crypto games. You encounter platforming stages just as in an old-school 2D side scroller. For every five levels you complete, you can get a small portion of a bitcoin! You can earn a lot of money as you advance because there are many levels here.

Crypto Planet

Crypto Planet offers a little more entertainment besides a simple puzzler. In this blockchain game, you must explore a crypto planet and mine crystals. It depends on you killing time, just like other mobile games. You return to collect your crystals after letting the digger run on a crystal for a few hours. As you mine more crystals, you can purchase additional space chests. The locations where you can get cryptocurrencies are listed above.

Your cash is put away in an in-game wallet in this blockchain game, yet it very well may be moved to some other wallet. Bitcoin Bob is a decent decision since it offers an assortment of gaming choices and permits you to pick how you need to accept your digital money.

Bitcoin Solitaire

Bitcoin Solitaire is one of the most outstanding crypto portable games since it blends a well-known telephone game with the capacity to gain bitcoin. This is a customary solitaire game, yet the quicker you finish it, then you get more focused. You can then utilize Coin base to change over your focus to digital currency. This is a fabulous game for mining cryptographic money, and it stands apart from the group.

Bitcoin Bounce

Bitcoin Skip is somewhat unique in relation to a small bunch of the others on our rundown, yet it offers a more direct framework to remunerate you with cryptographic money. Rather than giving you a modest quantity of digital currency once in a while, this product permits you to gather passes to be placed into a day to day crypto pool. While you may not get any cryptographic money as an award, you might get more. The game is a direct platformer in which you should gather whatever number of tickets as could reasonably be expected while going starting with one stage and then onto the next.

Crypto pop

For its straightforwardness, Crypto Pop is one of the most mind-blowing crypto portable games. The game’s capabilities are compared to a treats pound game. You can get digital currency by popping the air pockets. The more pops you make, the more crypto you’ll get. The game is a sufficiently great puzzler, and you’ll have the option to finish it without using a lot of exertion.

For its straightforwardness, Crypto Pop is one of the most mind-blowing crypto portable games. The game capabilities comparatively to a treats pound game. You can get digital currency by popping the air pockets. The more pops you make, the more crypto you’ll get. The game is a sufficiently great puzzler, and you’ll have the option to finish it without using a lot of exertion.

Bitcoin Pop

Bitcoin Pop is a game that is very like Money Pop, however, it is significant independently in light of the fact that it offers different crypto. This one permits you to recover Bitcoin rather than other digital currencies. In any case, taking into account the high worth of Bitcoin, getting any amount adequately huge to ship off your wallet would take an unreasonable measure of time. Most bitcoin games here pay out modest quantities of Santosh’s, yet they add up rapidly in the event that you have a great deal of tolerance.


TAMADOGE might be the most tricky new play to win NFT in 2022 if you missed Shiba and the original wave of Meme Coins, so it’s worth reading up on if you did.

Meme tokens, like DOGE and SHIB, have been among the crypto assets with the fastest recent growth rates, and many investors think that in 2023 they will resume their upward trend.

TAMADOGE is a play-to-earn Dogecoin game with Tamagotchi influences. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of these old Meme Coins. Shiba Innu, the creator of dog meme coins, has recently climbed the ranks thanks to thousands of supporters. A shareholder saw his $8,000 investment increase to $5.9 billion. Some of this success can be duplicated by TAMADOGE.

Players can live in the world and accumulate NFTs via TAMA, or NFTs. To level up your TAMADOGE, engage in combat with other players. Then, breed your dog to create new NFTs. The best players have the chance to win bonuses and cash prizes each month.

There will be $2 billion worth of TAMADOGE coins available on UNISWAP and L Bank. TAMA can be bought with ETH, USDT, or cards through TRANKSAK, and there is currently no maximum investment restriction.

Lucky Block

A first-of-its-kind bitcoin game platform called Lucky Block uses the BOUNCE Smart Chain (BSC) to conduct transparent and fair prize drawings. These drawings, which are planned to occur daily, are proportional to the number of entries received; as a result, the greater the participation, the higher the jackpots.

These prize drawings are made possible via the mobile app for Lucky Block, which is accessible on both iOS and Android. The play-to-earn (P2E) features of the platform are centered on these daily drawings, which can be joined by buying tickets with LBLOCK, the site’s native currency.

Since its launch on Pancake Swap early this year, LBLOCK has proven to be an exciting asset in and of itself, with investors making profits in the four-digit range.

These dividend payments, with annual yields expected to exceed 19%, are dependent on how many people enter Lucky Block’s prize drawings. The jackpot drawings’ winners are chosen using a provably fair source of randomness, the Chain link VRF service.

In addition to the platform’s regular draws, Lucky Block also offers exclusive prize drawings for NFT owners, who also receive lifetime entry.

Owners of NFTs will thus have daily chances to win the prize twice. With over 46,000 members of Lucky Block’s Telegram channel and over 31,000 followers on its Twitter account, the expectation for this intriguing P2E game is growing.


A brand-new cryptocurrency game called Silks offers players the chance to design their own prize-winning horses while bringing the thrill of real-world horse racing to the virtual realm.

The idea behind Silks is that starting in 2022, the platform would produce a fresh batch of NFT horses every year. These NFTs are virtual twins of thoroughbred horses that were born in the previous year. Each horse has a unique personality, and how well it does in the game will affect how well its real-life counterpart does on racetracks around the world.

You gain $STT, the in-game currency when your horse wins races. In Silk, you can spend $STT on a variety of things, like buying more virtual horses, building a farm and starting a breeding business, and staking it to a virtual farm to earn rewards.

Additionally, Silks has a secondary market for horse NFTs, making winning horses valuable. You won’t need to win races in order to advance in the game thanks to breeding. From your current horses, you can produce fresh NFTs and market them to fresh customers.

Additionally, Silks enables users to wager on virtual races just like they can on real horse races.

As digital twins of foals born in 2021, Silks released its first crop of horse NFTs this year. There are currently about 20,000 horses available on Silks.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is the only place to go if you want to test your abilities on the first Blockchain NFT-based fantasy sports game in the world. Players can build their fantasy teams on the site and compete against other aspiring managers from around the world because it is integrated with the Metaverse.

To compete for cash prizes, participants must enter one of the six Battle Arenas. You will fight for rewards in the most well-liked blockchain-based fantasy sports league right now, the IBAT Premier League.

In addition, players gain NFTs for adding new players to the roster, suggesting that there may be future value in resale, especially given the present growth in sports NFTs online.

The primary form of payment at Battle Infinity is the $IBAT token, which is also used to cash out winnings. Additionally, it is possible to buy advertisements on the game’s various virtual billboards for $IBAT. More information on the $IBAT presales can be found on the Battle Infinity Telegram group.


The blockchain ecosystem’s most intriguing component is about to emerge: the crypto gaming industry. Only a small portion of the market’s offerings are represented by the top 10 crypto games described on this page.

However, it is reasonable to predict that play-to-earn cryptocurrency games will continue to exist, offering investors a unique chance to make passive money.

You might invest in a brand-new project like Lucky Block, Tamadoge, or Battle Infinity if you want to break into the blockchain game sector, or you could purchase more established digital tokens from eToro for games like Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and Sandbox. Reading about crypto mobile android games you would also think about what are the cheating secret messaging apps that look like games? We have also covered that topic too.


The best new cryptocurrency game that supports P2E/PVP metaverse games is RobotEra (TARO). A new cryptocurrency game called RobotEra (TARO) combines the metaverse, NFTs, and robots to produce a lucrative and entertaining virtual world that is full of creative tools, similar to The Sandbox.

Play-to-Earn: 7 Games You Must Play to Earn Bitcoin

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  2. Cryptofights. …
  3. Durodogs. …
  4. BSV2048. …
  5. Peergame. …
  6. Bonus Fishing. …
  7. Powchess.

Even digital economies exist where you can get paid for playing! Crypto games that allow players to engage in gaming activities like fighting, breeding, fulfilling quests, or other activities are known as play-to-earn games.

8 Methods for Free Crypto Earning in 2022

  • Coinbase. \sFreecash.
  • CoinMarketCap.
  • Wallet World.
  • Bitcoin PopCoin
  • Brave Gains.
  • Lunr. Presearch.

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