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Gaming Laptops Under $300 You Can Buy

Every gamer should opt for a laptop that has outstanding graphics, lots of memory, and a fast processing system. The three things enable lag-free gameplay, which produces an engaging, smooth experience for gamers. Being a gamer on a tight budget is one of the most annoying things because of this. If you have more budget to buy better laptops then you can consider the list of best laptops under $400 that are available in the market.

However, you can get away with buying a less powerful machine for your gaming because the most of games allow you to save library selections. Techpotamus has compiled a list of the best gaming laptop for around $300 below.

Samsung XE Chromebook 4

The Samsung XE Chromebook is the first laptop on the list of gaming laptops under $300. It enables you to play games with little difficulty thanks to its 2133 GHz CPU speed. The integrated Celeron processor in the Samsung Chrome laptop can support a lot of games. This laptop’s video component offers a maximum screen resolution of 1920 by 1080. The 15.6-inch immersive display screen size greatly improves the video component. The 10.5-hour battery life that this laptop claims to have is a key factor in making the purchase. With this purchase, you will have a fairly good gaming laptop thanks to the 4GB RAM and 32GB SSD.

HP 14 -inch Chromebook

Few individuals will consider buying HP laptops while thinking about the finest gaming laptops under $300. The HP 14-inch Chromebook, however, has made it onto this list. This laptop sports a touchscreen with a resolution of 1366 x 76 HD and an LED backlighting technology. Due to its integration with an Intel Celeron N3350 processor clocked at 2.4GHz, the processing capability is likewise nothing to laugh at. It also includes 32GB RAM and 4GB of system memory. With this, you may play more demanding multitasking games without experiencing any lag. Our laptop features built-in cloud support and an additional integrated virus protection system, much like the other options on this list. With a battery life of up to ten hours, you can play games for as long as you like.

Samsung Chromebook 4

The screen is a key drawback when evaluating the Samsung Chromebook 4 for gaming. Its device is significantly smaller than the others in this group, having a screen size of 11.6 inches. The only drawback is that, in all other respects, it is significantly superior to others. You can get a rather good graphic display on an inexpensive gaming laptop with an Intel Celeron processor. You must pay attention to the N4000, 64GB eMMC, though. You can play demanding games with no problems if you have this kind of computing capability. With its speedy Gigabit Wi-Fi connectivity, it offers an unrivalled gaming experience. You have a good laptop when you combine this with the built-in security features and Google assistance tools.

2021 ASUS 14″ Light Thin Chromebook

The 13-inch ASUS Chromebook is designed for budget-conscious gamers. The Nano Edge display, which features an ultra-narrow bezel and an anti-glare coating to prevent reflections, is this product’s main selling point and enables you to play for extended periods of time without becoming tired. Its computing system features a Celeron N3350 with a 1.1GHz base clock and a 2.4GHz maximum boost speed. It also contains a 32GB eMMc hard disc technology and 4GB RAM, which provide quick and responsive performance. Although the operating system runs on Windows and is incompatible with Windows, it has amazing cloud functions and built-in virus prevention. Overall, the quantity of external connections offered—2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 3.1 ports, a Lan port, and a multi-format card reader—is a fantastic seller in this. Overall, the device is a great purchase because to its lengthy battery life of 10 hours on a single charge.

Fusion 5

Fusion 5 is a treat for gamers looking to spend under $300 on a portable, thin, and light gaming laptop. It is portable and lightweight (1299 grammes) for all-around access. The 5GHz Wi-Fi on the 14-inch A90b professional Windows laptop allows for fantastic download speeds. Due to the upload and download speeds being two times higher than those of most conventional computers, this capability alone enables flawless online gaming play. The Fusion 5’s 4GB RAM and 64GB of onboard eMMC storage help it rank among the finest gaming laptops under $300.

You can simply play your games with no problems thanks to the option of expanding the RAM to 256 GB with a micro SD card and the option of growing the internal storage up to 1TB. The 14.1-inch screen on this laptop boasts a full-on HD IPs display, which offers graphics for the best gaming experience.

Jumper Laptop

You may play your games without any problems if you choose to upgrade the internal storage up to 1 TB and the memory up to 256 GB with a micro SD card. The visuals on the 14.1-inch screen of this laptop’s full-HD IPs display deliver the best possible gaming experience.

Lenovo IdeaPad 1 Laptop

The Lenovo Ideal Pad 1 laptop is the best option if you were to choose any gaming laptop under $300 from the list to buy. A laptop with a 14.0′′ HD panel and a 1366 x 768 resolution would be ideal. The Intel Celeron N4020 processor is built into the Lenovo Ideal Pad 1 laptop. It also includes 4GB of DDR4 RAM. When you pair this with the 64 GB SSD Capacity with M.2 PCIe SSD Storage, your laptop’s storage can be increased so that it can accommodate larger games. This is especially enhanced by the fact that it uses Intel UHD Graphics 600 and operates in Windows 11 S mode, with a battery life of up to 8 hours.

HP 2018 EliteBook 840

The HP 2018 Elite Pro Laptop is another HP laptop that’s worth considering. The dual-core Intel i5-4300U processor, clocked at up to 2.9GHz, gives this laptop its distinctiveness. This laptop is a compact powerhouse with 8GB SDRAM DDR. The laptop’s operating system is Windows 10 Pro, which improves performance. Additionally, it has a 500GB internal storage capacity, which is a lot. Your games can be supported and installed without difficulty. With a 14.1-inch screen, you can expect stunning visuals. 1366 x 768 screen resolution is boosted by the 4400 intel HD graphics. Its 16:9 LED-backlit antiglare screen makes it an excellent choice for gaming laptops under $300 overall.

2021 Premium Acer Chromebook

When looking for a cheap gaming laptop, the high-end Acer is another excellent option. Its winning visuals are excellent, offering 1366 x 768 resolution with stunning clarity and color. Its 15.6-inch size makes it the ideal device for a single-player gaming experience. The CPU is an Intel Celeron N4000 with a base frequency of 1.1GHz and a maximum boost frequency of 2.40GHz. It has an Intel UHD of 600 graphics, 4GB RAM, and a 32GB eMMC to improve graphics performance. These components enable high bandwidth capability for your games to run. Overall, this computer’s biggest selling point is the lithium-ion battery, which can last up to 12.5 hours on a single charge.


For your use, you can get a respectable gaming laptop for less than $300. Even with all the advantages, playing games that demand a lot of processing power can be difficult due to their mediocre performance. This list gives you a decent indication of how they perform overall, allowing you to compare and contrast characteristics to find which ones best meet your requirements.


Results 1 to 16 of 608 for “Budget Gaming Laptop”

  • MSI GF63 Thin, Intel 10th Gen. …
  • ASUS TUF Gaming A15, 15.6-inch (39.62 cms) FHD 144Hz, AMD Ryzen 5 4600H, 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, Gaming Laptop (8GB/512GB SSD/Windows 11/Black/2.3 Kg), FA506IHRZ-HN111W. …
  • MSI Gaming GF63 Thin, Intel 11th Gen.

Reviews of the top gaming laptops under $500 are provided.

  • Best overall: Acer Aspire 5 Slim.
  • Best for video editing: Asus Vivobook 15.
  • Best for school: Dell Inspiron 15.
  • Best for streaming: Lenovo IdeaPad 3i.
  • Best 2-in-1: Dell Inspiron 14.

Check out these six excellent options, ranked from most affordable to most expensive:

  • Lenovo L340 15. Courtesy of Walmart. …
  • Acer Nitro 5. Courtesy of Amazon. …
  • HP Victus 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop. Courtesy of Amazon. …
  • Dell Flagship G15 Ryzen Edition Gaming 15 Laptop. …
  • Asus Tuf A15 Laptop (19% Off) …
  • Dell G5 5505 High-Performance Gaming Laptop.

Reviews of the Top Gaming Laptops Under $400

  • 2022 Windows 11 Laptop. …
  • 10.1 Lenovo Chromebook Duet 2-in-1 Touch Laptop. …
  • BMAX Y13 13.3″ 2 in 1 Convertible Laptop. …
  • TECLAST 15.6 Inch Laptop Computer. …
  • DERE Laptop Windows 10 15.6″ Laptop Computer. …
  • Acer Aspire 5 Slim A515. …
  • Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM. …
  • HP Notebook 15.6.

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