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How To Change Calorie Goal On Apple Watch

You may modify your activity objectives to get more use out of your Apple Watch, did you know that? How to customize your Apple Activity Rings for your fitness objectives.

If you know how to use it properly, the Apple Watch’s calorie counter can be a useful fitness tool. The Stand and Exercise goals on your Apple Watch are pre-set, but you must configure the Move goal according to your unique requirements. You can change your Apple Watch Move goal manually, even though your watch might suggest doing so automatically. If you think your Apple watch is getting slower and not responsive as it was you can update your Apple watch without pairing by following easy steps.

How to Change Move Goal on Apple Watch (Calorie Goal)

Your Move objective or the active calories you expend are represented by the red ring on your Apple Watch. Read on to learn the distinction between active and total calories if you’re curious about what active calories are. Changing your move goal could be the secret to winning Apple Watch competitions if you enjoy competing with others. Techpotamus is helping you to modify your Apple Watch’s goals:

1. Press the Home button.

Press the Home button - how to change fitness goals on apple watch

2. Tap the Activity app.

Tap the Activity app - activity rings on apple watch

3. Select Change Goals after scrolling to the bottom.

Scroll to the bottom and tap Change Goals - apple watch activity tracker

4. To add or deduct calories from your target, which is visible in the center, tap the plus or minus signs. When done, press Next.

Tap the plus to add calories and the minus to subtract calories - apple watch calories burned

5. You can then modify your exercise goal. When you’re finished making changes or if you want to keep it the same, tap Next.

Next, you can change your Exercise Goal - how do i change my fitness goals on apple watch

6. Change your Stand Goal here, and then press OK to save your adjustments.

Tap OK - what does stand mean, activity icon apple watch

Pro Tip:

If you frequently use the Activity app, you might want to make it a complication on your Apple Watch screen. Complications may be customized to display your fitness data in a variety of ways. Sign up for our free Tip of the Day email to get more Apple Watch advice delivered right to your inbox.

Change Move Goal on Apple Watch Tips: What Is the Ideal Goal?

During the initial setup, your Apple Watch will probably suggest a goal based on your height, weight, age, amount of activity, and other criteria. You shouldn’t feel obligated to stick with this algorithm because it isn’t flawless. If you choose a low target, you can earn 200%, 300%, and 400% badges by reaching or exceeding them. Your watch might suggest that you raise your target if you consistently achieve it, but you are under no obligation to do so. When they are able to close their rings every day, some people become more driven. Some people like a challenge. Your optimal move objective will depend on your lifestyle, physical health, personal preferences, and exercise ambitions. You can alter your objectives as frequently as you like, so if you’re unsure, keep trying different things to see what works best or ask your doctor for assistance.

You now understand how to modify your Apple Watch’s activity objectives! This post explained how to modify the calories, the standing target, and the exercise minutes on your Apple Watch. You can accomplish everything here, and establishing the right objectives will enable you to close your Apple fitness rings each day. If you frequently use your Apple Watch for exercise, you may be interested in finding out how to monitor your heart rate recovery in order to keep track of and advance your fitness. Find out how accurate Apple Watch calories are next.


On your Apple Watch, launch the Activity app. Press the screen firmly after going to your rings. For your daily Move goal, tap to change the number of active calories. When finished, select Update.

The total calories are just a representation of all the calories burned throughout the day, including when you’re sitting. These 260 active calories contribute to our Move target. The majority of people we know, including ourselves, set their Move targets at between 600 and 700.

Walking 10,000 steps burn off approximately 500 calories, which can be added to your daily calorie allotment since it takes 20 steps to burn one calorie. A typical female should consume 1,800 calories per day, while a typical male should consume 2,200 calories per day.

Watch Primer Quickly

Apple wants you to work out for at least 30 minutes, spend 12 hours being active for at least a minute, and burn, on average, 350 calories per day. You can, however, change these requirements.

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