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How to Install Adblockers on Roku TV

Are you tired of being bombarded by pesky ads while streaming your favorite shows on Roku TV? Well, you’re in luck! There’s a way to block those ads using ad blockers on your Roku TV. In this guide, I’ll show you how to install ad blockers on your Roku TV and start enjoying ad-free streaming.

Before we get started, it’s important to note that Roku TV does not support the installation of ad-blocking apps directly. However, there are still ways to block ads on your Roku TV using some clever workarounds. So, let’s dive into the steps you can take to install ad blockers on your Roku TV and start watching ad-free content.

Different Ways to Install Adblockers on Roku TV

You can use some different ways to install Adblockers on Roku TV by Techpotamus that can help you getting rid of ads.

Enable Ad-Tracking Opt-Out

Roku TV has an opt-out feature that allows you to limit the number of ads you see by disabling ad tracking. To enable this feature, go to your Roku TV’s settings menu and navigate to the “Privacy” option. From there, select “Advertising” and turn on the “Limit Ad Tracking” option.

Use a Router with Ad-Blocking Capabilities

Another option is to use a router with built-in ad-blocking capabilities. This type of router will block ads before they even reach your Roku TV. Some popular routers with ad-blocking features include Asus RT-AC3200 and Netgear Nighthawk X10.

Create a Pi-hole

If you’re tech-savvy, you can create a Pi-hole, which is a network-wide ad blocker. A Pi-hole is a Raspberry Pi-based device that blocks ads at the DNS level. Once you’ve set up your Pi-hole, you can configure your Roku TV to use it as its DNS server.

Use a Streaming Device with Ad-Blocking Apps

Finally, you can use a streaming device with built-in ad-blocking apps. Some popular streaming devices that support ad blockers include Amazon Fire Stick, Nvidia Shield TV, and Apple TV. You can install an ad-blocking app on your streaming device and connect it to your Roku TV to block ads.

These are just a few different ways you can install ad blockers on your Roku TV. Choose the option that works best for you and start enjoying ad-free streaming today!

Why There are ads on Roku TV

Roku TV is a platform that offers a wide range of free and paid streaming content. The ads you see on Roku TV are a way for the platform and content providers to generate revenue to support the creation and distribution of the content you enjoy. If you face any problem related to Roku TV settings then you can also reset TCL Roku TV to get rid of issues.

Roku TV partners with various content providers who place ads within their shows and movies. These ads are typically targeted based on your viewing history, interests, and demographic information. This allows advertisers to reach their target audience more effectively and efficiently, and helps content providers to continue offering their content for free or at a lower cost.

While ads may not be the most enjoyable part of the streaming experience, they are an important source of revenue for content providers and streaming platforms like Roku TV. However, as mentioned earlier, there are ways to limit or block ads on Roku TV if you find them to be too intrusive or distracting.


In conclusion, while there isn’t a direct way to install ad blockers on Roku TV, there are several methods you can use to limit or block ads on the platform. Whether you choose to enable the ad-tracking opt-out feature, use a router with ad-blocking capabilities, create a Pi-hole, or use a streaming device with built-in ad-blocking apps, there are options available to help you enjoy ad-free streaming. It’s worth noting that while ads may be a necessary part of the streaming experience, there are ways to reduce their impact and enjoy your favorite shows and movies without interruption.

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