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Best iOS Video Filter Apps

What is a Video Filter?

A video filter is a tool for post-production visual editing of videos. You can alter the color, tone, and even style of your footage with a top-notch video filter tool.

You don’t have to shoot the video from scratch, for instance, if you want it to look lively or vintage or if it looks boring. If you use the correct video filter program, your footage might be altered to fit your vision.

There are plenty of video filter apps for iOS and Android smartphones, though. It can be difficult to choose the best one. We compiled and reviewed the top ten video editing applications available so you can select the one that best suits your needs. Let’s start now.

Best Video Filter Apps

Techpotamus has listed the best video filter apps that you can consider as an iPhone user:

Power Director

The most capable and user-friendly video editor on the market is Power Director. The app is available for free download on Android or iOS, and it makes it simple to make Hollywood-caliber videos.

There are constantly new looks to experiment with thanks to its huge filter library, which is updated frequently. Cyberpunk, Color Pop, Retro, and Beauty are some of the most recent filter sets to be made available.

Key Features

stabilization of video
Color Key
Blending outcome
motion monitoring
video mashups
Using a green screen
Timers and multi-track editing
Exporting and encoding


Everything you need to create a top-notch film is included in the free version, which is updated frequently with new features and additional filters. 
more convenient and appropriate for both amateur and experienced filmmakers than other video editing programs, and more functionality.


The enormous variety of editing options may be too much for some individuals to handle.

Vid Trim

To trim videos and apply filters to enhance the quality of the video, use Vid Trim, a straightforward editor. Vintage, vignette, and black and white are a few of the app’s video effects. The software has a free version; however, the paid edition offers an ad-free experience that is preferable.

Key Features

Video trimmer tool
Video merge
Filter effects


obtainable in a number of languages
App for iOS and Android


There isn’t a set schedule for editing
There are only a few simple video editing features in the premium version.
Not the best for really complex video modification.

KINE Master

With KINE Master, you can edit videos in a variety of ways. You can include audio, graphics, text overlays, and more. Additionally, it is possible to combine clips and employ double exposures to produce original works. However, the tool is difficult to grasp and only provides a few filtering possibilities. You also need the paid version if you want access to all the features.

Key Features

video cutting and segmenting
edit several tracks
blend modes and layers
exporting 4K
Tools for COLOUR filtration and tweaking


The app allows users to send completed videos directly to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 
Options for Interesting Visual Effects 
Apps for iOS, Android, and Chrome OS


The free plan has few features and includes advertisements.


On iOS and macOS devices, the video editing app iMovie is preinstalled. The software is also available for download through the App Store. Even though iMovie only features a few video filter effects, they are all quite good. Additionally, the app’s user-friendly design makes it easier to edit your video.

Key Features

Effect of a dolly zoom
integrated special effects


Simple sharing 
rapid rate of learning
enables 4K video


Available only on Apple gadgets

Camera Pro

An iOS app called Camera Plus Pro makes it simple to make high-quality movies for social networking. Videos can be edited after the fact or while being recorded. It is simple to use and provides many of the same video filters as Snapchat and Instagram.

Key Feature

nine filters for video
Cropping Time-lapse
Geotagging Anti-shake
whole resolution


excellent for editing and live-streaming
direct posting to a number of social networking sites


less characteristics
No cost variations
only accessible on iOS


You can add a filter to a video using many programs without sacrificing the video quality. However, Vita Video Editor and Maker, a customized video filter and editor app with HD-quality results, is the best video filter app for iOS. On the other hand, Camera Plus Pro is the greatest option for Android and offers excellent results. Video apps really generate a lot of caches and you may face a laggy experience on iPhones although it doesn’t happen generally, you can clear the iPhone app cache without deleting apps which can make your life easier and you can have an amazing daily user experience on iPhone.

It is easy to record a video, but if you want to publish it on social media, you must make it stand out. To obtain your ideal films or advanced videos, you must use filters. In that regard, the best video filter applications are required to produce results of a high caliber. easy to record a video, but if you want to publish it on social media, you must make it stand out. To obtain your ideal films or advanced videos, you must use filters. In that regard, the best video filter applications are required to produce results of a high caliber.


A single clip can be given a filter.

Open a movie project with the iMovie software on your iPhone. To display the inspector at the bottom of the screen, tap a video clip in the timeline. Simply press the Filter button. To see a filter’s preview in the viewer, tap it.

Find the Top 10 iPhone & Android Photo Filter Apps for 2023.

  • The best free photo filter app is YouCam Perfect.
  • Popular filter app VSCO
  • The best social filter app is Instagram.
  • The best for customization is Afterlight.
  • Best aesthetic filter app: A Color Story.
  • The best art filter app is Prisma.
  • Funky Filter App by Photo Lab, a picture editor, and artist.

To add filters to already-existing videos, follow these steps:

  • First, turn on the camera. On Instagram, you may swipe left to reveal the camera and start recording videos for stories.
  • Choose a video from the gallery in step two. You will see a square box in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • Step 3: Select the filter carousel from the list.
  • Download or upload in step four.

Other native Apple programmes can also be used to produce entertaining images and movies. Apple has included some of the iPhone’s built-in camera effects and filters in an unexpected app.

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