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How To See If Someone Has Multiple Instagram Accounts

Do you believe a person you know has many Instagram accounts? We can assist you whether you’re looking for a person’s hidden Instagram account or simply want to determine whether a particular account is owned by someone you know. We’ve discovered simple techniques that will allow you to find someone’s accounts even though there isn’t a section on Instagram that lists accounts that belong to one person. Continue reading to discover helpful tips for locating someone’s secondary Instagram account and I am sure you will be thankful to Techpotamus who has provided you with an amazing trick to know if someone has multiple Instagram accounts.!

1. Read Their Bio

Despite the fact that it may seem obvious, some people list their secondary Instagram accounts on their primary page. You’ll frequently observe this with influencers, entrepreneurs, and even friends who have accounts for various subjects, styles, and passions. To discover if the person is publishing content from one of their other accounts, you may also look through their tales.

2. Check your recommended friends

You might find a second account belonging to one of your pals in your suggestions. Every time someone makes a covert Instagram account that they want to remain private, Instagram tells their friends to follow the secret account! To visit your suggested friends:

  • To edit a profile, click the “Edit Profile” option, then tap the outline of a person with a plus sign (+).
  • To view all of your suggestions, tap See All.
  • See whether any of the profiles resemble those of your friends by looking through them. Look for stuff that resembles what you see on their main account in their bio, pictures, reels, and other places.

3.Sync your phone contacts

Finding all of your connections’ Instagram profiles is made easier by syncing your iPhone or Android contacts. If the contact you’re interested in is on your phone, synchronizing will cause Instagram to propose their account(s) to you. [1] When syncing contacts:

  • Tap the three horizontal lines at the top of your own profile.
  • Select Settings.
  • Click Account.
  • Click Contacts Syncing.
  • The toggle next to “Connect Contacts” should be tapped.
  • Instagram will start recommending any of your contacts who are also on the platform once you are linked. You can look through your recommended friends list or just wait for Instagram notifications.

4. Look at who follows them

It’s possible that the user’s secondary account follows their primary account. To view their followers, click the Followers link on their main profile. It will take some detective work to find this person’s second account, since you’ll need to search each profile for hints like comparable photographs, bios, and other information.

  • Check to discover if someone you know is already following that account if you received an odd friend request or message from an account you don’t recognize and want to know if it belongs to one of your friends. You can quickly message a common friend to inquire about the account’s owner.

5. Search for their name on Instagram

If a person has several Instagram accounts, they may choose to give their accounts similar names. You may find Microsoft’s primary Instagram account, as well as a few other accounts they control, such as @microsoftlife and @microsoft.design, if you search for “Microsoft” on Instagram.

  • Try looking up the person’s username and full name together (if you know it).

6. Google them

Look up the person’s name and “Instagram” on Google to see what results are returned. It’s simple to use Google to look up terms, names, and phrases that appear in public Instagram profiles if a search on Instagram turns up nothing. This is how:

  • In the search bar, enter the person’s name or any other information you believe might be in their Instagram bio.
  • Then, write site:instagram.com after a space.
  • To view all results from publicly accessible Instagram accounts that contain the name you provided, press Enter or the search symbol.

7. Do a reverse image search on one of their photos

You may find out where else the photo appears online by searching for one of their images. You can learn that someone is using one of their photos on another one of their Instagram profiles, on a hidden Facebook account, or on any other platform by looking for one of their images.

  • Google Chrome on a computer is the best tool for Instagram reverse image searches:
  • Open Chrome on your PC and log in to https://instagram.com.
  • Visit a single post made by the person or click on their profile picture.
  • Right-click the picture and choose Google Lens search for photos.
  • To search an image, click and drag a square around the image. The right panel will display any matched images.
  • Simply open the person’s profile photo or one of their photo posts in the Instagram app and snap a screenshot (they won’t know) if you don’t have access to a computer. Next, touch the camera icon in the Google app on your phone to select the screenshot and start a search.

8. Find their other social media accounts

Links to Instagram accounts are occasionally added to Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. Check to see which Instagram account they list on their other social media profiles if you have reason to believe someone has several Instagram accounts and you know how to discover them there.

9. Check their phone or tablet

You can check to see whether someone logs in using several accounts if you have access to the person’s phone. Only if you have access to their phone will this be effective. Simply launch Instagram, click on their profile picture, and then click on their name at the top of the screen. The bottom panel of any additional Instagram accounts to which they are logged in will display. Keeping yourself hidden you can also know who shared your Instagram post easily by following the easy steps written in our guide.

  • Whether nothing appears, try tapping Log in or create a new account at the bottom and selecting Log in to existing account to see if their phone asks you to log in with a specific username and password. If that doesn’t work, try again later.


Go to settings now. Visit private. after which select a private account. then change to private. Your account has now been set to private.

On Instagram, related accounts are not visible. You cannot link or connect multiple Instagram accounts if you have them. There is no way to tell if the same user creates multiple accounts on Instagram unless it is stated in their bio or profile.

How to Search for Hidden Accounts on Social Media

  • Lookup using Nicknames We frequently use a person’s first name when looking them up on social media.
  • Lookup by usernames.
  • Search Through Their Friends. Search All Sites.
  • Hire Experts and use Social Catfish for a Reverse Search.

Look next to the username at the top of your child’s profile in the Instagram app on their phone. If there is a down arrow next to it, click it to bring up any other accounts they are currently logged into.

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