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List Of Best Optical Switch Wireless Mouse

Technology for computer mice is always evolving. Modern computer mice are known to contain optical switches rather than the more common mechanical switches.
But it raises the question of what makes optical switches unique and which mouse utilizes them to their fullest potential. There are many expensive mouse available in the market that are high in budget but give epic gaming and scrolling experience which is value for money.

Gaming mice with optical switches are regarded as being superior. They don’t offer much more capability than conventional mice with mechanical switches, nevertheless, in some instances. So, before changing your mouse, it’s crucial to understand why you’re using it.

The Top 5 Best Mice with Optical Switches:

  1. Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse
  2. Red Dragon Cobra M711 Mouse
  3. ROCCAT Kone XP Mouse
  4. Logitech G502 Mouse
  5. Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse

The advantages optical switch mice have over traditional switches, the top 5 best mice with optical switches, their features, specifications, pros and disadvantages, and everything in between will all be covered in this article.

Continue reading to find out how to choose the best mouse for your computer system.

How Good are Optical Switch Mice?

Modern mice have optical switches, which swap out the physical contact for a beam of infrared or laser light that detects key presses as soon as the beam is broken. It has the most cutting-edge technology and is currently the fastest switch on the market.

The sheer fact that optical switch mice are capable of enabling incredibly swift clicks without any kind of de-bounce delay, which you generally experience with regular switches, makes them far superior than standard switch-using computer mice.

Additionally, the optical switch lights enable quick keypress registration, ensuring that you may use this switch for both efficient professional gaming and other useful jobs. Mice with optical switches are also superior since these switches are far superior to any alternative available on the market.

Top 5 Best Mice with Optical Switches

Computer MicePrice Comparison
Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse$$$$$
ROCCAT Kone XP Mouse$$$$
Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse$$$
Logitech G502 Mouse$$
Redragon Cobra M711 Mouse$

I’m unable to provide specific costs due to Amazon policy. This shows how the prices compare to one another visually. In comparison, a higher price is indicated by a larger “$”.
Are you looking for a mouse with premium optical switches? I’ve put up a list of the top 5 optical switch mice available today to make sure you don’t run into too many problems. Let’s investigate them and their capabilities.

5. Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse

One of the greatest options on the market for optical switch mice is Corsair’s high-quality M65 RGB Ultra. The Corsair M65 RGB Ultra should absolutely be in your priority list for checking out because it has a gorgeous look, an incredible feature set, lightning-fast wireless technology, and precision-based CPI adjustment.

Features and Specs

Let’s look at some of the specs and features that this mouse has to offer.

26000 DPI – The Corsair Marksman optical sensor, which is used in the M65 Ultra, offers an incredible 26000 DPI range with adjustment choices, 650 IPS tracking, and 50G acceleration for a comfortable and enjoyable experience when using it.
Hyper-fast Wireless Technology – The Corsair M65 RGB Ultra mouse has excellent Hyper-fast Wireless Technology, which enables it to be highly responsive with a response time of under 1 millisecond and 2000Hz hyper-polling as well.

Multiple Buttons – In addition to the two side click buttons, you also get a number of other completely programmable buttons that may be configured to suit your needs. These other buttons include a few in the center beneath the scroll wheel, two on the side, and a number of others.
Adjustable Weight – The Corsair M65 RGB Ultra features a set of six small weights that can be added or removed at any time to alter the mouse’s overall heft to the user’s preference as well as an adjustable center of gravity with weight tuning capabilities.

Omron Optical Switches – With the M65 mouse’s left and right click buttons equipped with Omron’s premium optical switches, you can anticipate top-notch performance, swift and accurate clicks, and a tactile feel that will significantly improve your entire mouse-using experience.

Pros and Cons

Durability – The famous aluminum anodized material used in the construction of the M65 RGB Ultra makes it a very durable choice that will last you quite a long time.Heavy Mouse – One of the problems of the M65 Ultra is the fact that it is quite a heavy mouse despite the weight reduction and adjustability options being available.
Decent Design – If we talk about the design of this mouse, it is quite contoured and the look of the mouse is pretty decent for both productivity and gaming.Not very compact – Another thing you might not like is that it isn’t very compact in size, which makes it difficult to use for people with smaller hands.
Very High Adjustable DPI – The 26000 DPI, as well as the incremental DPI adjustability, make the Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Gaming Mouse a very impressive choice.
RGB Lighting – With high-quality RGB lighting that can be changed according to the user’s liking, the Corsair M65 RGB Ultra is a pretty stylish mouse for your computer setup without a doubt.

4. Logitech G502 Mouse

The Logitech G502 Hero Mouse is one of the greatest professional gaming mice available. It has optical switches, high sensitivity, RGB illumination, and is adaptable to a variety of computing needs. It’s a strong contender for the best mouse because to its reasonable pricing and excellent design.

Features and Specs

Let’s look at some of the G502’s characteristics.

Mechanical Switch Tensioning Mechanism – The Logitech G502’s high-quality mechanical switches have a tensioning system that provides the user with very astounding tactility with each keypress, greatly improving the overall mouse-using experience.
25600 DPI – The Logitech G502 Hero Mouse has a Hero 25K sensor, which has a maximum DPI range of around 25600 DPI. This sensor is ideal for all types of application. You will like this sensor whether you are a casual user, a worker, or a serious gamer.

11 Programmable Buttons – There are a total of 11 programmable buttons on this incredible gaming mouse, and each one can be configured specifically for the task or game you’re using it for. As a result, you can assign them the actions you desire.
Adjustable Weight System – The Logitech G502 Hero Mouse has an adjustable weight system that lets you remove and replace 5 tiny weights in various places on the mouse to change the weight to your comfort level.

Programmable RGB Lighting – When it comes to lighting, the Logitech G502 has excellent RGB lighting that is completely programmable and includes Light sync technology. The mouse looks quite spectacular with the RGB lighting design and has brilliant colors.

Pros and Cons

Very Durable – The Logitech G502 Hero has a very decent build quality and durability that will keep it going and working well years from when you bought it.Cable is a Bit Stiff – The cable of the G502 is not very soft and easy to handle.
Affordable Price – If we talk about the price of the Logitech G502 Hero Mouse, in comparison to others on this list, it is quite decent and the value is pretty good as well.Large Size – One of the problems of this mouse is that it is quite large in size, which might not be great for individuals with smaller hands.
High Programmability – The programmability of the lighting and the buttons of the mouse is quite high.

3. ROCCAT Kone XP Mouse

The ROCCAT Kone XP Mouse is an excellent gaming mouse made by ROCCAT that has a tonne of wonderful features, special elements like a 4D Wheel and Phantom flex Cable, as well as a tonne of other amazing capabilities. Keeping it on this list is therefore imperative.

Features and Specs

The ROCCAT Kone XP has the following top characteristics and specifications:

4D Wheel’s -left and right lateral inputs give the otherwise straightforward vertical scrolling wheel a new dimension, and the RGB lighting that it includes further enhances its stunning visual appeal.
Titan Optical Switches -The ROCCAT Kone XP uses incredible Titan Optical Switches with a 100-million click lifetime and speed of light actuation, which really improves the mouse-using experience.

Phantom flex Cable – Have you ever considered having a wireless experience using a wired cable? The Phantom flex Cable is fantastic since it’s light, flexible, and soft enough to feel like a wireless mouse.
3D RGB Lighting – Under the translucent shell of the ROCCAT Kone XP, 22 LED lights and 8 lighting guides are used to create an incredible 3D impression.
PTFE Glides – The heat-treated, pre-tuned PTFE guides in this mouse are unquestionably a game-changer. They are in charge of making the encounter very impressive.

Pros and Cons

Durable Shell – The shell of the ROCCAT Kone XP is quite thick and durable. The durability of this mouse makes sure that you can keep using it for quite a while.Very Expensive – Even though there are a lot of cool features in this mouse, it is still quite expensive in comparison to the other gaming mice with optical switches in this list.
Lots of Buttons – With a combination of over 15 buttons, you can program and change the assignment of all the buttons to suit your requirement as you want.Not for Left-handed users – The design of the ROCCAT Kone XP is meant for right-handed mouse users, which can be a problem for people who’re left-handed.
Great RGB ­– The 3D RGB lighting used in the design of the ROCCAT Kone XP is pretty impressive. It looks exceptional and increases the overall aesthetics of your computer setup.

2. Redragon Cobra M711 Mouse

The Redragon Cobra M711 Mouse is right up there with the best of them when it comes to inexpensive mouse alternatives with optical switches. It has a lot more to offer as well, like RGB illumination, programmability choices, sensitivity adjustment, and more. So, before you get one, be sure to check it out.

Features and Specs

Let’s look at some of this mouse’s top qualities and specifications.

The Redragon Cobra M711 has a maximum DPI of 10,000 and a number of single-click DPI sensitivities that you can customize to meet your needs.
Ergonomic Design – When it comes to the Redragon Cobra M711 mouse’s design, it is the ideal synthesis of accuracy and comfort. The layout is really stunning and provides excellent ergonomic stability.

7 Programmable Buttons — This premium mouse has a large number of programmable buttons. Specifically, this mouse has 7 programmable buttons that can be assigned the actions you need for your needs, whether you’re a gamer or a computer professional.
High Compatibility – Another fantastic feature of the Redragon Cobra M711 mouse is that it works well with most current operating systems. You will be able to use this mouse with a variety of devices, including those running Windows, Linux, and even Mac OS.

Pros and Cons

Very Affordable – The Redragon Cobra M711 Mouse is one of the best ones in terms of offering value and the price it comes for is quite affordable.Heavy – In comparison to the other mice that are available in the market, the size of this mouse is large and the total weight is also pretty heavy.
High Quality Build – Despite its low price, the build quality of the Redragon M711 mouse is quite high. It is a very durable mouse that is going to last quite a long time.Sub-Par Cable – The cable that comes with the Redragon Cobra M711 mouse isn’t very high-quality and pliable.
Ambidextrous Design – The design of the Redragon Cobra M711 mouse is ambidextrous, which means that you can use it quite nicely with both hands.

1. Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse

The Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse is the most expensive optical switch gaming mouse on this list. It has a lightning-quick sensor, wireless connectivity, fantastic functions, and an incredible design. The top slot on this list of the best optical switch gaming mice is therefore up for grabs, and it is a strong candidate.

Features and Specs

Let’s review this outstanding mouse’s main attributes and technical specifications.

Razer Hyper speed Wireless Technology – Compared to competing technologies currently on the market, Razer Hyper speed Wireless Technology offers tracking and responsiveness that is 25% faster. That makes this gaming mouse’s feature truly outstanding.
20K DPI Sensor – The 20K DPI sensor from Razer has a 20K DPI maximum range. Since there are incremental gaps of DPI available, you can vary the DPI of the mouse with a single click as long as they are comfortable for your usage.

Design: The Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse has a very ambidextrous construction. This implies that this mouse is made for all types of grips, so you may use it with either hand and have a great experience.
Razer Optical Switches – The Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse uses extremely high-quality Razer Optical Switches. Everything you could possibly want is in there. The reason this mouse is so fantastic is because of its incredible speed and responsiveness.

The Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse’s battery life, which is 70 hours, is one of its strongest features. After a single full charge, it has a capacity of 70 hours of usage time. As a result, once it is fully charged, you won’t need to recharge it for a while.

Pros and Cons

Great for All Grips – Due to its ambidextrous design, the Razer Viper Ultimate Mouse is great for all kinds of grips and can be used by people who play with any hand they want.Quite Expensive – Even though it offers great value and amazing features to the users, the Razer Viper Ultimate is definitely one of the most expensive gaming mice on the market right now.
Customizability – From onboard memory to programming different buttons and customizing the lighting effects, you can do all this and a lot more with the Razer Synapse software.
Lightweight Frame – The frame of the Razer Viper Ultimate is quite lightweight despite being made of high-quality durable material lasting for a fairly long time of usage.


All of the aforementioned mice have something to offer, and since they all have premium optical switches, you may anticipate incredible precision and compatibility for a variety of digital tasks as well as gaming needs. They won’t have a hard time choosing one because of this. When it comes to the mouse we also talk about mousepads and nowadays there are the best Wireless Charging Mouse pads that can make your experience quite better and you feel no lag while scrolling and gaming.

You can choose whichever meets your needs and seems like the best option. I sincerely hope you gained a lot of knowledge from this text and that using your new optical switch mouse on a computer will be a lovely experience. I hope today is wonderful for you!


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Typically, mechanical switches are better for everyday use, while optical switches are better for gaming. Razer optical switches are better for gaming because they actuate 30 ms faster than typical mechanical switches.

G502 X

All G502 X models feature the brand-new LIGHTFORCE hybrid optical-mechanical switches, which are exclusive to Logitech G and provide faster speeds, greater reliability, precise actuation, and sharp response.

A laser mouse

An infrared laser diode rather than an LED is used by a laser mouse to illuminate the area beneath its sensor.

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