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How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test For Amazon

Proven Ways to Pass a Mouth Swab (Saliva) Drug Test

Only marijuana usage over the previous three days can be detected by a mouth swab test for drugs. Then you are safe if your last cigarette was a week ago.

Some of the Delta-9 THC or Delta-8 THC adheres to the surface of your mouth after smoking marijuana. To pass the mouth swab drug test, you only need to wash out that THC.

These treatments enabled more than 50,000 patients to avoid discovery.

You’ll need

  • 70% hydrogen peroxide and 30% water in a 3% solution
  • either Listerine or plain water


Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Just before the test, rinse your mouth for a minute with the hydrogen peroxide combination.
  • After that, properly rinse your mouth with water.


  • In a cup, add 4 ounces (four teaspoons) of Listerine.
  • Spend at least 30 seconds completely gargling and swishing.
  • hurl it back. Before the drug test, repeat twice.


  • Before a drug test, thoroughly rinse your mouth with water for a minute.

The hydrogen peroxide will remove any remaining medication traces from your saliva. The hydrogen peroxide should be brought to the drug test location and used as close to the test as possible.

Peroxide can be substituted with any other liquid on the list.

Important tips for success

Follow these suggestions if you have a few days before your drug test to improve your chances of passing.

  • Drink a lot of water, then rinse and repeat after thoroughly rinsing your mouth. Additionally, this keeps saliva running and removes THC.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day, using mouthwash, and chewing anti-cavity gum after you use marijuana.
  • Consume fried, fatty foods: Eating fatty meals will help extract active THC from the lips since active THC attaches to fats.
  • Avoid using marijuana: Don’t use marijuana for at least 48 hours before to your test.

It is best to keep a small bottle of detox mouthwash on hand because your employer can decide to perform a mouth swab drug test at random.

They are very portable, simple to use, and nobody will suspect anything odd if you use them to swirl some mouthwash during your break.

How does this method work

  • THC enters the blood when you take marijuana through the lungs or the stomach walls (if you use edibles).
  • It is then broken down and eliminated. However, it never enters the saliva.
  • The only THC in your mouth is the THC that gets stuck there while you smoke.
  • Therefore, all you need to do is rinse your mouth with water or another liquid to get rid of it.

Why should you use detox mouthwash, and how does it work

The quickly working components of a detox mouthwash effectively rid your mouth of unwelcome toxins when used in conjunction with oral fluids.

The best part is that adulteration tests are unable to detect them, thus there is little risk of getting discovered.

However, there are a few points to keep in mind about detox mouthwashes:

  • You must carefully plan your time for using it because they continue to be most effective for at least 20 to 30 minutes after usage, and the overall effect may persist for several hours.
  • To get the intended effect, make sure you carefully adhere to all directions.
  • Your salivary glands cannot be made to stop secreting saliva, nor can they be made to create pure saliva. Your mouth will eventually reopen with polluted saliva since the mouthwash will have disintegrated over time. So repetition is key—a lot of repetition.

The convenient and guaranteed solution to pass mouth swab drug test

  • Removes substances like alcohol, nicotine, cocaine (COC), amphetamines, methamphetamines, opioids, marijuana (THC), and more.
  • Functions in 2 minutes
  • The results are visible for 30 minutes.
  • FDA registered and legalised in the USA: alcohol-free
  • Not discernible
  • Tiny and discrete


A saliva swab test can yield positive results even after a minor toxin ingestion. Don’t take a chance! Toxins in the saliva will be destroyed by the Stinger Detoxifying Mouthwash, ensuring that you submit a clean sample for your swab drug test.

A saliva swab test can identify the most prevalent poisons, such as alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, opiates, etc. You may be sure that the Detoxifying Mouthwash will help you pass the examination!


Take a small amount of the Detoxifying Mouthwash minutes before the test and swish it around in your mouth for at least one full minute.

You can either ingest the product or spit it out. A recipe without alcohol won’t dry out your mouth or burn it.

Don’t brush your teeth, eat, or drink anything after you’ve consumed the entire bottle.

Take your test right away. The next 30 minutes will see the product at its most potent.

Important Information

Eat nothing or drink anything after using this product.

Approximately two years

How far back will a mouth swab drug test go?

Saliva can still contain traces of marijuana up to three days after the previous use. For up to 10 days after use, other medications are detectable.

Here is a graph that displays how long it takes for various medications to be detected.

How to pass a mouth swab drug test: detection times chart

Why doesn’t THC stay in saliva for very long?

THC metabolites are soluble in fat and are kept in body fat. There are no fat reserves in the mouth, thus THC cannot be kept there or in saliva for an extended period of time.

Only the smoke that covers the entire inner surface of the mouth, from which a sample of THC may be taken by gently touching the inside of the cheek, renders THC detectable in swab tests.

Can CBD Make You Fail This Test?

No. Keep in mind that since CBD is not a psychoactive substance, it won’t be examined in tests meant to look for marijuana use.

CBD by itself cannot be detected in a typical mouth swab drug test because THC is the only cannabinoid that is looked for in drug testing.

So good news: using pure CBD is safe and won’t cause you to fail a saliva drug test.

BUT the cannabis varieties from which CBD is derived typically have minimal THC levels.

Although smoking these weeds won’t cause you to fail a drug test, taking concentrated CBD oil carries a little risk.

Theoretically, consuming a lot of concentrated oil could result in a positive THC result because concentrated oil causes THC levels to rise.

Use a detox mouthwash after drinking such goods to reduce the likelihood of this.

What is a mouth swab drug test, and why is it done

Saliva or oral fluids tests are other names for mouth swabs, which are screening tests used to determine drug use. You simply brush a normal cotton swab on the inside of your cheek to obtain a sample of your saliva, and you’re ready to go.

Because they are a) simple and quick to administer and b) collected right in front of the person doing the test, there is a very little likelihood of fraud, these tests are typically utilized in place of urine drug tests.

Mouth swab drug tests are frequently used for pre-employment screening, period or random testing, as well as when something potentially suspect, i.e. connected to drug usage, happens at work.

If a police agency suspects a person may be driving under the influence, they may also employ this test for roadside drug testing.

What do mouth swab drug tests look for

Oral swab tests find THC directly, as opposed to urine testing, which look for the active metabolite THC-COOH. Since THC is present in saliva for at least 24 hours before being metabolised by the body, this makes the test more accurate and effective.

The specifics of the drugs that can be detected, their cutoff values, and their estimated detection times are listed below.

DrugCut-Off Level (ng/mL)Detection Time (hours)
Amphetamine (AMP)5072
Cocaine (COC)2072
Marijuana (THC)1224
Methamphetamine (mAMP)5072
Opiates (OPI)4036
Benzodiazepines (BZO)10240
Barbiturates (BAR)5024

Oral fluids typically have a detection window of 5 to 48 hours, but regular and long-term users may have a longer detection window.

How long does a mouth swab drug test go back?

In contrast to other tests, oral fluids can typically identify drugs within 30 minutes after intake.

The oral swab tests are particularly useful for screening following accidents or in suspicious circumstances due to the shorter time frame.

These are merely broad generalizations, though. Typically, the following factors determine how long a swab drug test can detect a substance:

  • the test’s sensitivity; other tests have longer detection times for certain drugs.
  • substance type being detected – each drug has a unique detection window because of how differently it is processed by the body.
  • the dosage of the drug consumed; the longer it stays in the system and can be detected, the heavier the dose.
  • body’s metabolism and how quickly it can eliminate pollutants; a higher metabolism results in a shorter detection time
  • body mass; greater body mass results in a slower metabolism, which lengthens the detection time.
  • age; a slowed metabolism is common in older people.
  • hydration; more THC toxin is removed from the body through urine when more water is taken.
  • drug tolerance; quicker detection time is associated with increased drug tolerance

Limitations in Oral Drug Testing

The persistence of these substances and their metabolites in saliva is the principal drawback of a swab drug test.

As you can see from the table above, drug detection windows are much shorter than those for other procedures – only a few hours to days, as opposed to weeks and months for urine tests.

This implies that a person can temporarily stop using, perform a clean test, and then resume using!

The possibility for certain drugs to interfere with and produce unclear findings is another drawback of swab drug tests. For instance, codeine-containing cough medications may affect the results of an opiate test.

Third, unlike blood and urine tests, which can identify a wide range of substances, some medications cannot be detected at all in saliva, which results in limited testing options.

Which Employers Use Mouth Swab Drug Tests

Any company who wants to ensure a potential applicant hasn’t used drugs in the past or isn’t using drugs while on the job might do a swab drug test in order to answer the concerns of those looking for work.

This can refer to places of learning, employment involving operating large machines, and driving-related jobs. The majority of federal jobs require drug testing, and businesses in the transportation, aviation, and defense sectors must test prospective workers and job candidates for substance use.

When do employers use mouth swab drug test

Employers may want to perform mouth swab drug tests on a variety of regular occasions. They consist of the following:

  • Pre-employment exams are administered as soon as you’re given a job offer and are a part of the general hiring procedure, which also includes background checks.
  • Prior to a promotion, the offer of a promotion may be considerably impacted by your performance on the test.
  • Random drug tests: Employers may pick a group of workers at random to submit to a swab test. These tests typically require little warning in advance, but employers must let staff members know in advance that such tests may be carried out while they are working.
  • For-cause drug tests: If an employer has a reasonable suspicion that an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they may request that the employee submit to an oral drug test.
  • After an accident or injury sustained while doing work-related duties, such as a car accident or a machine-related accident. These tests can aid the employer in figuring out who or what was at fault.

Here are the findings from the poll conducted among those who had drug tests:

Question : Compared to the urine test, I found the oral fluid swab test to be slightly more painful.


Mouth swab drug test survey

Do I have to take a mouth swab drug test?

The good news is that you or a potential employee cannot be forced by your employer to submit to a mouth swab drug test.

The bad news is that if you choose not to take the test, bad things might happen.

A pre-employment oral drug test refusal entitles the employer to revoke the job offer. If you refuse a drug test while working, your employer might fire you, suspend you, or decline to provide you a promotion.

It’s usually a good idea to inquire about your company’s drug testing policy to clear up any misunderstandings. For further details on these issues, speak with a human resources representative.

How a mouth swab test is conducted

The least invasive sort of drug test is a mouth swab; there are no needles involved and no cups to urinate in.

And you don’t even need to prepare much for these exams! Only that you refrain from eating or drinking for at least 10 minutes prior to the test will be requested.

The following steps are used while conducting a mouth swab drug test:

  • Gently scrub the inside of the cheek with a collection stick, a standard cotton swab with an absorbent pad or sponge on one end.
  • The sample is placed in an airtight, sterilised vial or container before being sent for analysis, either on-site or at a lab.

What is an inconclusive saliva test?

An inconclusive test indicates the results could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the subject used drugs. This could be due to a number of things, including:

  • the method of testing, the substance being tested, and its concentration, the tester’s skills, and if the test was conducted during the detection window for the substance being tested.

You can retake the test or have the results reviewed if you think your test results are incorrect.

What is the range of risk for failing a mouth swab drug test?

Technically speaking, if the level of THC in your saliva exceeds the lower range of the test’s cut-off number, you run the danger of failing the test. Also known as the “confirmation cut-off,” this.

Legal thresholds for marijuana intoxication varied between tests and states. Without going into specifics, if you refrain from consuming marijuana for at least 24 to 48 hours before to your test—preferably for a whole week—you are most likely outside the risk zone.

The probability of failing a mouth swab drug test is, thus, rather low. In essence, these tests are meant to determine whether you are now high.


Some drug-testing equipment is sweetened to increase salivation without affecting test findings. Similar to this, some kits include a minty tip for those who struggle to spit out enough saliva rapidly.

The oral swab test has the shortest detection window of all the tests, making it ideal for use in suspicion testing. It can determine whether someone has used drugs within a 3-to-24-hour timeframe.

Point-of-care (POCT) oral fluid tests are extremely accurate and yield findings in a couple of minutes.

  • In contrast to urine tests, which only assess by-product metabolites, mouth swab drug tests detect active metabolites, which are indicators of recent substance use.
  • Compared to urine drug testing, saliva test kits have faster drug detection times, ranging from 6 hours to 3 days.
  • The saliva test kit is non-intrusive and easy to use.
  • They provide simple, under-supervision specimen collection with almost little opportunity for fraud.
  • Employers can use saliva tests to conduct routine drug tests for everything from pre-employment to post-incident.

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