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Best Pixwox Alternatives – Apps like Pixwox

Alternatives to Pixwox or apps like Pixwox. Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, and Instagram posts can all be easily downloaded and viewed in the way of your choice thanks to Pixwox. Pixwox allows you to download or view them in your preferred way in addition to letting you search for the username of your choice. Additionally, users may quickly download or access public or private accounts offline. Girl, life, sports, happiness, beauty, love, fashion, the arts, food, travel, and a few more are supported and popular hashtags that you can use as you see fit. Online profile viewing, downloading Instagram Stories, tagging posts, Instagram watcher and stalking, and free and private Instagram profile downloaders are some of its key features.

Benefits Of Using Pixwox

  • Without logging in with your ID, you may download unique posts online.
  • You may also view his user history if that is something you’re interested in.
  • If it is not available and you want to download history to your smartphone, follow the steps below.
  • Nobody has access to your Pixwox activity.
  • Pixwox provides a safe environment for browsing downloadable posts.
  • It is a safe website to use in connection with the Instagram Charge Less app.

Best Pixwox Alternatives – Apps Like Pixwox


Would you like to read Instagram stories in private? Yes, you can stalk someone on Dumpor without even telling them. Without even disclosing your identity, this website enables you to view the Instagram stories you choose. It never discloses to others that you are stalking someone. You may see the profiles of the individuals you want to see, and learn about their Instagram followers, stories, and tagged posts ANONYMOUSLY. Dumpor makes it simple to look up Instagram users, tags, and places.


Do you need a tool to make your Instagram profile photo bigger? If so, you are in the proper location. You may see and enlarge using the app IZoomYou. Without taking any action, the user may browse and even save Instagram stories, profile images, and posts to their mobile device.

Given that you can view the profile photo in HD, it is said to be the greatest Pixwox substitute. Even better, you may view, download, and save it in its original quality. One might not be able to view the profiles from a private account, though.


With the use of the stalker app Instalkr, you may see people’s tales anonymously. The audience won’t even know whose narrative they are witnessing. If you merely want to browse other people’s stuff without downloading it, it is Pixwox’s substitute.

You may monitor and spy on other Instagram users, as well as the accounts of those who have blocked your account. Not only that, but you may easily investigate a number of other items.


FastSave is the option you may use if you desire a successful Instagram account. It will assist you in coming up with original ideas via the social media platform. The software will allow Instagram photos and videos to be downloaded to the device so they can be viewed without an online connection.

You may use the software to download Instagram photographs, and you already know why people prefer it over Pixwox since it enables you to repost the downloaded images without any watermarks. On FastSave, you may access a huge amount of content that is unrestricted and available for download in any number.


Get the possibility to easily save the stories of the individuals you choose. You may download images and videos from the Instagram public account using the outstanding app Instore. You can even save many stories, videos, and images with the aid of our Instagram downloader.

Even if you don’t download the tales from this Pixwox substitute, you can still use the app to take use of a number of other features. Even just posting images helps you create descriptions and hashtags.


The next option on our list of the top Pixwox replacements is Instasaved. It is a fantastic Instagram downloader that enables you to rapidly download the needed Instagram content. You may instantly download other people’s stories in addition to images, videos, albums, and IGTV. It doesn’t call for a login or any other private data. You may go to the website and start downloading the stuff you want from the Instagram account you want.

A well-known photo-sharing service called Instasaved allows you to instantly download images. You may download media using this platform in three easy steps since it is user-friendly and straightforward. If you want an app that enables you to download images and videos from individuals you choose, this one is fantastic.


If you want to download Instagram stories from certain users, you may do it with StorySaver.net, another stylish application. It enables you to become a professional stalker while leaving no evidence. Almost all public Instagram accounts’ stories may be immediately viewed and downloaded, allowing you to experience things naturally. To check the download status, enter the user name and press the download button. The following step is to select the page’s highlights and the current story. You may download the appropriate media after clicking the “Save as” option. Without registering or paying anything, you may start utilising the site right away.


Because InstaGet is a convenient tool for downloading Instagram photos and videos, it can take the role of Pixwox. To watch a certain image or video, the user won’t need to launch the Instagram app.

You may store your Instagram images with this app, and you’ll always have your favourite shots close at hand. You could, however, be permitted to save personal images or videos. You need the owner’s permission to repost such content if you wish to do so.

4K Stogram

Let’s say you wish to download other people’s Instagram videos, photos, and stories. If so, 4K Stogram is the app for you. Downloading Instagram stories, accounts, hashtags, and locations is amazingly straightforward and cost-free with 4K Stogram. With this service, you may also download your chosen media from a variety of Instagram profiles. The user’s name, location, and Instagram hashtag must be entered into the app before you can continue. Then, click the download button.

You may immediately download images, videos, IGTV, and other types of material, along with their original captions. Additionally, you may choose to save all or a specific subset of Instagram content, as well as download several Instagram posts at once. Save any Instagram media with ease with The 4K Stogram! An app makes it simple to look for and download preferred material from several areas throughout the world. You may also use the app to subscribe to the Instagram profiles, places, and hashtags that you think would interest you the most.


InstaOffline is a fantastic alternative that enables you to download Instagram photos and videos. People prefer InstaOffline to Pixwox since the programme also supports content from private Instagram accounts, which is a good addition.

This platform is compatible with all devices and is very simple to use on a phone or tablet. The Instagram post’s URL must be pasted into the input form on the webpage and saved. When you click the download button, a link is generated. Is that not


Because InstaGet is a convenient tool for downloading Instagram photos and videos, it can take the role of Pixwox. To watch a certain image or video, the user won’t need to launch the Instagram app.

You may store your Instagram images with this app, and you’ll always have your favourite shots close at hand. You could, however, be permitted to save personal images or videos. You must get authorization from the content’s creator in order to repost it.


The user may download many Instagram post kinds with InstaSpy. You may download Instagram content to your phone, including pictures and videos. You may also download the stories, DP photos, and highlights in addition to that.

You may download the material at the highest quality with this excellent Pixwox substitute. It is a professional program that stores Instagram stories automatically and functions well on desktop computers and mobile devices.


The next Pixwox substitute that you may locate is Downloadgram. The internet video downloader has the ability to download, copy, and save images and videos to the hard disc.

Additionally, using Pixwox makes it possible to preserve the IGTV video. By doing this and clicking the toolbar button, you may easily download photos or movies.


Like Pixwox, Imginn offers Instagram video and picture downloads. It is a backup solution that enables users to download Instagram pictures and videos using open APIs.

It is simple to transfer material from Instagram to a computer or mobile device. Even anonymous viewing of Instagram stories is possible. Like Pixwox, the user won’t need to log in to this platform. Therefore, use it hassle-free in the manner you want.


Another option to Pixwox is Gramhir, which offers numerous more and improved methods to analyse and examine Instagram. The user will have the choice to secretly download stuff from Instagram for free. Yes! Given that users can download any amount of stuff, nobody will find out about anything.

You may also investigate and keep an eye on the content of other people’s accounts using the data that are provided. With your friends, you may enjoy using this material on Gramho.


Without checking in, you may edit and view Instagram content with Picuki. Like Pixwox, the user may even read and modify Instagram stories, followers, posts, tags, locations, and profiles for an indefinite amount of time.

You may go through the Instagram hashtags or see who has liked and commented on each post. It is the greatest approach to take use of a number of special features that Pixwox might not even offer.

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