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Best Power Supply For Ryzen 5 3600

Congratulations! You’ve chosen the Ryzen 5 3600, the new CPU king of gaming price-performance that can deliver excellent performance when combined with even the most expensive GPUs. You have chosen your motherboard (perhaps with the aid of our article on the affordable X570), your SSD, and possibly even your accessories. However, you are aware of the significance of a reliable power supply unit, or PSU.

After all, you wouldn’t want to invest in a substandard power supply and risk damaging your components, wasting electricity owing to inefficient operation, or being unable to utilise your components to their fullest extent due to a lack of power! You are absolutely correct; the PSU is frequently viewed as the unsung hero in most setups because it is a crucial component of any PC. When choosing the best power supply for the Ryzen 5 3600 if you think you should find out the best motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600 then there are many motherboards available in the market that gives amazing compatibility with this processor.

You may use this guide to find the best power supply for you! The CPU (in this example, a Ryzen 3600) and the GPU determine the power supply level you require in virtually all configurations. They won’t have much of an effect on your system’s TDP, or Thermal Design Power, unless you have an absurdly high number of storage devices or RGB fans and lights (a measure of necessary Watts for your system). The Ryzen 3600 has a relatively low power consumption of 65 Watts (without overclocking), thus your GPU will play a role in determining the system’s overall power consumption.

Bitfenix Whisper Series 550W (BWG550M)

The GTX 1660/1660Ti and RTX 2060/2060 from Nvidia and the AMD Radeon RX 5700 are the lowest tier GPUs we would consider combining with the new Ryzen 3600. With 60+FPS in even the most recent AAA games and considerably closer to 144hz for eSports or older titles, this setup will provide excellent 1080p gaming.

We advise purchasing a top-notch 550W power supply at this level. Even while 550W is still likely far more power than your PC would ever need for gaming, if you want to overclock your GPU or CPU (or both! ), the extra headroom will ensure that you have enough power to get some additional performance. You might be able to get away with a 450W power supply for the 1660/1660Ti (without overclocking), but because the cost difference is little and a good power supply frequently lasts numerous builds, we advise going with the 550W.

The well-reviewed and highly rated Bitfenix Whisper Series 550W is the best performance in the 550W category for its pricing. The BWG550M has a fantastic 80+ Gold efficiency rating, employs premium components like Japanese polymer capacitors, has complete modular wiring to aid with cable management, produces steady, clean power with effective ripple suppression and load control, and uses high-quality materials throughout. The only issue mentioned in reviews is a challenging ATX cable, but this isn’t enough to prevent people from aggressively promoting this product to would-be purchasers.

The Bitfenix Whisper 550W PSU is a good investment because to all of these capabilities, a 7-year guarantee, and its relatively affordable price of $80 (or $70 if you find it on sale).

Corsair RM650x

The Ryzen 3600 with the next-generation GPUs make a fantastic pairing if you want to push 144 Hz in practically all 1080p games or go up to 1440p gaming.

These GPUs are more powerful than those in the rung above, but they also use more power. Some partner cards have factory overclocks that increase their real power draw over even the quoted pricing, even though the difference between something like the 2060 Super and the 2060 isn’t particularly significant. Because of this, we advise using a 650 W PSU at this GPU level to guarantee you have enough power, even if you overclock. We also suggest the Corsair RM650x, which has 650W.

The RM650x is a member of Corsair’s highly regarded RMx range, and the 650W variant is one of the best available. The RM650x won’t let you down with a 10-year guarantee, excellent ratings from JohnnyGuru, and top rankings in the many PSU tier lists based on high-quality components, remarkable efficiency, and provision of clean power.

As of the time this article was being written, the RM650x was advertised for a very appealing $88; but, it has been known to dip as low as $80. There is no need to look elsewhere at that price range than this incredibly dependable PSU.

Seasonic PRIME 750W

The higher end of gaming GPUs and some very power-hungry cards with potent performance have begun to appear in this category. These cards were designed for 1440p 100+FPS gameplay or, with the 2080 Ti, a little bit of 4K gaming. Make sure we have the PSU to match if we are going to spend a large chunk of money on the GPU. In light of this, we suggest the Seasonic PRIME 750W, one of the top power supply units on the market..

Many people are familiar with Corsair, as well as other PSU manufacturers like CoolerMaster, EVGA, and even Bitfenix. But the majority of consumers are unaware that these manufacturers frequently base their units on supply from other vendors. Seasonic is one of those important third-party suppliers, making them one of the best PSU manufacturers out there despite having a lesser name awareness than some of their competitors.

The whole PRIME series, including the 750W variant, is a showcase for Seasonic’s skill. There is nothing bad to say about this PSU because it has top-notch components, excellent construction, an 80+ Titanium efficiency rating, and a 12-year guarantee. The be silent is a good substitute because it still has excellent components but is less expensive at $190 (this kind of quality doesn’t come cheap!). However, it has a less than ideal 5-year guarantee and an 80+ Gold rating. Straight Power 11 BN619 750W.

Corsair SF600 Gold

A guide wouldn’t be complete without giving our space-conscious tiny form factor builders some consideration. SFF PCs may employ GPUs at practically any level, however, the selection of PSUs that conform to SFX-L size is limited.

As the finest all-around SFX-L PSU in this category, we’re going to stay with a household name and suggest the Corsair SF600. After putting this model through his rigorous testing suite, Johnnyguru awards this PSU a 9.7/10, and we can’t think of any reason to disagree.

If you are looking to upgrade the processor from Ryzen 5 3600 to 5600x then you should read this amazing comparison between Ryzen 5 3600 vs 5600x to see whether the upgrade is worth it or not.


For this construction, 450w is plenty, but if you want to be future-proof, use a 550w PSU.

650 Watts power supply is more than adequate for Ryzen 5 3600 and GTX 1660 Super because each consumes around 95 and 150 watts of power, respectively, and you still have power left over for the motherboard, cooler fans, and other components.

If you don’t go beyond 1.35v, the CPU won’t suffer. The CPU will progressively start to deteriorate if you go beyond 1.35 volts.

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