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List Of 20 Cheating Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games

Apps for secret messaging that imitate games and cheat users have been increasingly popular in recent years. Users can communicate covertly and undetected with the use of these apps. While talking about different gaming apps in the market, there are the best crypto mobile game apps for android that you can also use for entertainment and different purposes.

Text message concealing is a notion that most people are familiar with. A hidden phone folder or a private or secret messaging app is typically used for this. There are additional approaches to text message concealment, though. Utilizing covert texting software that simulates a game is one option.

What are secret messaging apps that look like games?

Private messaging applications are made for communicating with people you know. These apps are similar to games, which makes it challenging to understand what you are doing.

It also makes it harder for anybody looking through your phone to uncover any unusual or private texts that you don’t want other people to read.

Because they are frequently used for cheating, these applications can also be called concealed messaging apps for secret communication.

Best Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games

A secret messaging app that simulates a game is a terrific choice if you’re seeking for a solution to disguise your text messages. Techpotamus has listed some secret messaging apps that look like games below:

1. Calculator Pro+

Calculator Pro+ is a covert messaging software with the appearance of a calculator app. Users can send and receive text messages, photos, and videos using the app anonymously. Only those with the right password can access the messages because the app is password-protected.


  • Users of the free program Calculator Pro+ can send concealed private messages inside the calculator UI.
  • The app’s appearance as a game makes it ideal for concealing critical information.
  • Both iOS and Android smartphones can use Calculator Pro+.
  • Calculator Pro+ is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a covert means to communicate. Just keep your secret to yourself!

2. Hide My Text: Secret Private Text Message


All of us desire the confidentiality of our private chats. But it might be challenging to decide which texting app to trust with so many options available. Hide My Text, the greatest secret texting app that resembles a game, was created for this reason.

Your private communications will remain private if you use Hide My Text.


  • Your messages are protected using military-grade encryption by the app.
  • No one can listen in on your discussions thanks to the innovative design.
  • On the Google Play Store, a free app. works with both iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Hide My Text is the only messaging software you should use if you want to be able to trust it.

3. Dust – Secret Messaging App


A secure messaging app with a game-like interface is called Dust. Disappearing texts are one of many tools that the app offers users to keep discussions private. Currently only available on Android, Dust is going to be released for iOS.


  • Encryption from end to end to safeguard user data
  • Additionally, Dust has a self-destruct capability for messages that prevents access to them after a predetermined period.
  • Although the program appears to be a game, it is a potent tool for exchanging encrypted messages.

Users who want a more secure means of communication should choose Dust. Both iOS and Android smartphones can download the software.

4. Threema


Threema is a fantastic software for encrypted messaging. With its name and icon, it successfully passes as a game while serving as a wonderful concealed chat app. It is one of the few messaging services that permits anonymous use, and it performs well and has all the features you would expect from a premium messaging service.

Additionally, Threema offers polling, private discussions protected by PIN or fingerprints, contact verification to fend off man-in-the-middle assaults, and the capacity to quote text messages. Because neither your phone number nor your email address is necessary when creating an account, you can use Threema completely anonymously.


  • It provides audio and video calls, text and voice messaging, groups, and distribution lists.
  • the capability of sharing data, media, and places.
  • End-to-end encryption is used throughout, even for the items you share.
  • You can use Threema totally anonymously because neither your phone number nor your email address are required when setting up an account.

5. Wickr Me


A more effective hidden messaging app with a game-like interface is Wickr Me. The programme is made to make it simple for users to send private messages covertly. Users of Wickr Me can also set a timer to control how long messages remain visible. The message will be automatically erased when the timer goes off.


  • All communication on Wickr Me is end-to-end encrypted, so only the sender and receiver can see the messages.
  • The program also provides self-destructing messages, which automatically disappear after a predetermined period.
  • Additionally, Wickr Me has a “Secure line” feature that establishes a private and secure connection between two users.

Wickr Me is messaging software that prioritizes security and privacy, so it’s worth a try if you’re looking for one.

6. Twinme


This programme for private communications is safe, cost-free, and simulates a game. You can send high-definition speech or video using this app. Additionally, this app may provide you complete control over all of your communications and material while protecting your privacy.

It is really excellent for your privacy that Twinme does not ask for, keep, or use any of your personal information. You don’t need to register or provide any personal information to use this programme. Therefore, you can use this app without providing your phone number, email, or social network ID.


  • With this software, you can control how each of your contacts can get in touch with you.
  • All of your contacts can keep your contact information private by doing this.
  • All communications are peer-to-peer without the requirement for relay servers to store data between devices.
  • This indicates that every private conversation is entirely safeguarded using this program.

7. Secret Messenger

Secret Messenger

Secret, an encrypted chat social platform, offers a more stable, dependable, and user-friendly chat solution. a crucial role – Device End-to-End Encryption: End-to-End Encryption for Privacy Protection. – Chat message: anytime, anyplace to rapidly connect with friends or a group and chat.

It has a ghost-like emblem and is an excellent tool for private communications because it can hide anyone else using your smartphone.


  • Timed messages that enable you designate a message availability window.
  • You can periodically use the audio and video calling features of the app in addition to instant messaging, and the messages will be automatically deleted once the predetermined amount of time has passed.

8. Confide


Confide is a brand-new app for private texting that resembles a game. Your messages are safe and secure thanks to the app’s usage of a number of security mechanisms.

Your interactions will remain private and confidential thanks to the app’s design. This software is quite helpful for communicating privately without anyone else knowing.


  • Your messages are safe and secure with the app since it uses end-to-end encryption.
  • The ability to set a self-destruct timer for your messages is another feature that makes Confide special. This implies that your mails will be deleted automatically after a predetermined period of time.
  • For those who prefer to keep their messages private and secure, Confide is a fantastic solution.
  • The app is an excellent option for texting because it is simple to use and includes a variety of functions.

9. NetSfere Secure Messaging

A secure chat program that mimics a game called NetSfere. It’s one of the few messaging apps that enables end-to-end encryption and is made to keep your chats private and safe. You don’t need to be a tech expert to use it because it is also quite simple to use.


  • End-to-end encryption is used by the app to protect the confidentiality of your messages.
  • There are further features like messages that vanish and messages that destroy themselves.
  • On Google Play and the App Store, NetSfere is free to download.

NetSfere is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a messaging programme that will keep your discussions private and safe. On Google Play and the App Store, NetSfere is free to download.

10. StealthChat


On our list of hidden messaging apps that resemble games is Stealth Chat, a privacy-focused option that states it doesn’t save any information about your chats, multimedia, Contacts, or similar data. These apps for private messaging mimic games.

Despite making a compelling promise, it only garnered 3.4 out of a possible five stars from just over 700 customer evaluations.


  • Since all phone calls are encrypted, no one can listen in on your chat.
  • Make as many groups as you like, then start private talks with them.
  • Control the lifespan of your communications. You can set them to disappear after a minute or a day.
  • Every image and photograph is encrypted.
  • To protect the privacy of your chat, StealthChat disables the screenshot feature.

11. Kubool

A good app for a private chat with a game-like interface is Kubool. It’s a lot of fun to use and a terrific way to protect the privacy of your messages. Only others who are also using the app can receive messages that you send them. For couples or small groups of friends who like to keep their chats private, Kubool is ideal.


  • Kubool is a straightforward instant messaging application that prioritises security and privacy.
  • It’s a beneficial and unique social app to have, particularly if you’re curious to find out what people truly think of you.
  • You can notify the makers of any problems you run into using the reporting mechanism that is built into it.
  • It guarantees your privacy.

12. Smiley Private Texting SMS


Smiley is a crucial software for each iOS user due to its reliable and secure features. It’s one of the top games-like apps for secret messaging.


  • You may converse in secret using the Smiley app without worrying that someone would listen in or hijack your communications.
  • You will have to pay a little fee to use the application’s capabilities because it is subscription-based.
  • A variety of security measures are available in the software, including the capacity to password-protect communications behind a PIN that only you are aware of.
  • You don’t need to establish an account to use the app, and it’s really easy to set up.

13. BlurChat


Maximum security is provided by a secret messaging programme called Blur Chat, which prevents the incorrect people from reading your private communications.

Only you will be able to view the messages thanks to the app’s security features, which include touch ID and facial recognition. One of its best qualities is this.


  • Both your smartphone and the recipient’s device have the ability to erase the communications.
  • Send an SMS that will be deleted immediately after a predetermined amount of time.
  • By changing their names or images, your connections’ real identity can be concealed.
  • compatible with iOS devices

14. TextU


TextU, which may take the place of conventional messages, is one of the greatest all-purpose private messenger programs. It is a free text messenger that is safe from SMS eavesdropping.

Use TextU’s private box, SMS blocker, SMS backup & restore, and SMS scheduling capabilities to send texts safely!


  • One of the main benefits of these covert messaging apps that seem like games is message encryption.
  • Because of how well the privacy feature works, nobody will be able to screenshot your encrypted conversations.
  • For messages that you don’t want others to hear, you can also select a notification sound that only you can recognize.

15. Gem4me


Gem4me is a different concealed messenger application that seems like a game. It’s a simple yet effective messaging app that enables cost-free sharing of text messages, images, videos, and files.


  • Using your special QR code, invite a friend to communicate with you privately and for free.
  • Group chats are also available on Gem4me.
  • After you send a message, it gives you the option to amend or delete it, which is pretty great.
  • You might occasionally use the wrong words when communicating or misspell a crucial word.
  • Create a channel, either public or private. In that sense, it is also comparable to a social network.

16. Cover Me

secret messaging apps that look like games

CoverMe is the next app on the list of covert messaging services that resemble games. It is a special form of covert calling software for secret communications. You can use the application to make calls from a burner line so that no one can identify you from them. This makes this app one of the best disguised as game covert messaging apps. The app efficiently shields your data from outside parties.


  • End-to-end encryption and top-notch security are two features that make the software safe.
  • Automatic deletion: The interactions on the app might eventually be automatically deleted.
  • Shaking feature: The software locks all of the messages on your phone when you shake it.
  • one of the top game-like apps for private texting.

17. Wire

secret messaging apps that look like games

Wire is one of our top recommendations for covert messaging apps that resemble games. You can communicate via the most secure phone channels, send and receive secure instant messages, transfer files, and sign in with multiple accounts.

If you work in a team, the programme boosts efficiency while protecting the confidentiality of your messages. You may easily and securely share information, including files, messages, private conversations, and conference calls, through private or group discussions. Wire is among the greatest applications for private communications that resemble games because to all of these capabilities.

You may also quickly begin phone or video meetings by selecting the one-click meeting call option, or you can invite customers, coworkers, or suppliers to a special guest room alliance. What more could you ask for from covert texting apps that resemble games?


  • End-to-end encrypted chat, file sharing, audio and video conferencing, and guest rooms are all offered by Wire for external communication.
  • The software allows up to 12 users to join video conferences and up to 25 people can participate in group calls.
  • To help participants understand speech directionality, participants are placed in a “virtual space” utilising a stereo function.
  • The application adapts to the shifting network conditions.
  • Users of the iOS and Android versions can now use the sketch tool to add sketches to conversations or photographs.
  • Wire is supported on the Web, desktop, and mobile platforms.

18. Telegram

secret messaging apps that look like games

Telegram has joined the group of covert communications services that resemble video games. Telegram is one of the safest encrypted messaging services that connects you to your contacts via a distributed worldwide network of data centres. Since users just migrated from WhatsApp, the programme has millions of active users and allows data syncing across multiple devices at once.

You may get all of your chat histories, share files and media of any size or type, and watch your conversations on a variety of devices without taking up any storage space on your iPhone. It’s undoubtedly a top choice for disguised as games private messaging apps.

Up to 200,000 participants can be added to discussions, large files like documents or movies can be shared, and bots can be programmed to carry out specific tasks. The information is securely stored for however long you need it on the Telegram server. Isn’t this all you need from disguised messaging services?


  • Add another contact or transfer the current phone numbers.
  • On Telegram, users can upload multiple profile images.
  • Use the Secret Telegram Chats to practise.
  • alter the appearance of Telegram.
  • Utilize Telegram bots.
  • Turn on Auto-Night Mode.

19. Line

secret messaging apps that look like games

Line is the next to speak. One of the best hidden messaging applications that resembles games is this one. These capabilities are offered by the private and safe iPhone messaging app Line. The tool was developed by engineers in Japan to help people communicate during emergencies or crises, such as when their infrastructure failed and they were forced to communicate only online. It’s the top secret messaging software that resembles a game and is the unanimous choice of users.

You can use the application to set or disable Letter Sealing, a popular end-to-end encryption method for hiding text messages. A substantial user base makes use of Line, changing the way individuals communicate and overcoming distances between loved ones while utilising its benefits for gratis. Line is one of the greatest hidden messaging apps that resemble games thanks to its incredible features.

You may send and receive messages, conduct phone and video chats, and use new tools and services for a more pleasurable and useful experience.


  • Messaging.
  • both voice and video calls
  • Communities, discussions, and sticker sharing on OpenChat.
  • To transfer or receive money, use Line Pay.
  • To order delivery from a restaurant, use Line Man.
  • obtaining future predictions from line palm readers.
  • reading and learning about manga.
  • The top game-like applications for private texting.

20. Signal Private Messenger

Secret Messaging Apps: Signal Private Messenger

The essential attributes of a third-party chat app are provided by Signal Private Messenger. As a result, you can start a group chat to instantly message your friends or family in real-time and simultaneously, connect files, and send messages without incurring SMS fees.

But being a private messaging app is what Signal Private Messenger excels at. This is mostly due to the fact that it is unable to access user data and inboxes. Additionally, the app itself doesn’t keep user information on its servers. The fact that the app uses your current mobile number and contact list may also appeal to you. You won’t have to keep track of logins and pins either.

In terms of both its user interface and functions, such as text message privacy and hiding, Signal Messenger is generally quite simple.

Need for hidden messaging apps that look like games.

In today’s environment, everyone requires privacy for their daily tasks. even with phone texts and our phones. In regards to our texts, chats, and other correspondence, we demand complete secrecy. What happens, then, if someone steals your smartphone and reads these messages to discover that your data is still unsafe?

However, the solution to this issue is hidden communications software that looks like a game. No one will download these apps if their objective is undesirable since they resemble games. For sharing extremely confidential communications, these private messaging tools are incredibly helpful. Your intentions seem like you want to hide your identity to interact with strangers then you can consider reading about untraceable money transfer apps that you use to deal with strangers.


Top 20 Text Message Hiding Cheating Apps for Android & iOS in 2022. What Android apps are used by cheaters? Among the several apps used by cheaters are Tinder, Vaulty Stocks, Ashley Madison, Date-Mate, and Snapchat. Private chat programs like Messenger, Viber, Kik, and WhatsApp are also often utilized.

List of the Top 5 Android Apps for Hiding Messages

  • Messages. On Android smartphones, Messages from Google is pre-installed, and it provides an option to hide SMS. Well, App Lock from Inshot isn’t precisely an SMS hider. It also includes Privacy Messenger, Calculator Pro, and SMS Organizer.

Text Me, Text Free, TextNow, and textPlus are a few of them. Typically, the program will provide you with a number from which you can send and receive texts. But you might want to check out Burner if you truly like sending anonymous texts. You can use as many disposable numbers as you’d like with this software.

Cheaters frequently use tablets, laptops, and even secret apps to communicate with their partners. Google Docs is a new favorite location for texting. Instead of sexting with a new lover, your partner can say that they are at work.

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