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How To Connect Skull Candy Crusher Headphones To Xbox 360

Xbox Live enables you to play games while listening to music or to have a clear group chat communications when playing multiplayer games. Owning a headset that allows you to communicate with other players directly is amazing, isn’t it? It’s frequently more enjoyable to see and hear them on a fellow player than it is to simply play the game. The Skull Candy Smoking’ Buds 2 provides you with the utmost in connectivity comfort.

Turn your Xbox on, and navigate to the Settings option in the main menu

Although the Skull Candy Crusher headphones’ connecting procedure is different from that of other gaming headsets, they are made to function with Xbox 360. Observe these procedures to link your Skull candy Crushers to your Xbox 360: Navigate to the Settings section in the main menu after turning on your Xbox.

  • Then select Devices and Accessories.
  • Choose Add New Device on the following page. Click next after selecting Headset from the linked devices list.
  • Put on your Skull candy Crushers, then hold down the volume buttons for three seconds until you hear a tone indicating that the headset is connected.

Connect the headphone cable to the Xbox 360 controller

  • Connect the Xbox 360 controller and the headphone cable.
  • Your Skull candy Crusher headphones should be connected to the opposite end of the cord.
  • TV, Xbox 360, and Skull candy Crusher headphones should all be turned on.
  • To start playing music, press any button on your Skull Candy Crusher headphones or any button on your Xbox 360 controller.

Set the volume to your desired level

  • Your preferred volume should be selected.
  • The controller’s headphone jack can be used to connect the headphones.
  • When “Settings” appears onscreen, press “X” or “Y” while holding down the “Start” button on your controller.
  • To select “Settings,” click “A.” A menu of choices will show up on the screen. Select “Audio Settings” after selecting “Controller Settings.”
  • A screen with the choices Volume Control and Headset Audio Source will appear. Use the left thumb stick to select Volume Control and then modify the volume.

Power on the Xbox 360 and enjoy the game

It’s a terrific idea to use Skull Candy Crusher headphones with your Xbox 360. A microphone and controls for volume, bass, and other features of your game experience are included with the headphones. You can use a USB cable or an audio cable to connect the headphones to your console.

Xbox 360 should be connected to Skull candy Crusher headphones. Turn on the Xbox 360, then start playing. Use an audio cable to connect the Skull candy Crusher headphones to your Xbox 360. Connect an audio wire to your Xbox 360 controller’s headphone jack on one end. Connect the other end to the Skull candy Crusher headset’s headphone jack.

Use a USB cable to connect the Skull candy Crusher headphones to your Xbox 360. Connect a USB cable’s male end to a USB port on your laptop or PC. Connect the other end to the Skull candy Crusher headset’s “Headphones” port.

Use the adapter that came with your headphones to connect them to a standard 3.5 mm stereo headset jack

For usage with other gadgets like an MP3 player or smartphone, the Skull candy Crusher headphones are made. However, you can use them with your Xbox 360 as well. The headphones must be connected to a regular 3.5 mm stereo headset jack. Connect your headphones’ adaptor to the headset connector on your Xbox 360 controller.

Connect your Skull candy Crusher headphones to one end of the provided audio cable and the adapter to the other. Use the media player software on your smartphone or an app like Pandora Radio or Netflix to play music or videos.

Plug the other end into the back of the Xbox 360, in the port marked for headsets

You can use your Skull candy Crusher headphones to play Xbox 360 games or listen to music. A built-in microphone on the wired headphones lets you communicate with Xbox Live gamers. Connect the cable’s other end to the computer or laptop’s headphone jack. Insert the other end into the headset port on the Xbox 360’s rear.

Wait for Windows to load when you turn on your computer. If the Skull Candy symbol does not appear in your taskbar, go to Control Panel and select “Sounds.” Click “Add” after choosing “Playback Devices” from the menu on this page. From the list of installed devices on your computer, choose “Skull Candy Headset” and then click “OK.”

Start a game and select “Headset” under “Audio.”

You will need an audio splitter and a normal headphone wire to connect Skull candy Crusher headphones to an Xbox 360. Numerous brick-and-mortar and online sellers of electronics carry the audio splitter. The process of connecting the headphones to your Xbox 360 system is quick and easy. Take these actions.

If your TV or DVD player has a “Audio Out” jack, connect one end of the regular headphone wire to it. Connect the other end of the wire to the Xbox 360 controller’s “Audio In” jack. If your console controller has a “Audio Out” jack, connect one end of an audio splitter to it.

The opposite end of the splitter should be inserted into the Skull candy Crusher headphones’ two headphone jacks. Open a game and choose “Headset” from the “Audio” menu. Now, sound should be audible through both of your headphones’ earpieces.


Customers claim that the Skull candy Crusher 360 Black is a good pair of headphones. It is moderately priced, fairly portable, and has excellent bass. However, the lack of wireless functionality has drawn criticism from many customers. Many Xbox customers would be pleased if they could connect to a wireless Xbox 360 system. There is anticipation that the Skull candy crusher headphones will someday be able to link to an Xbox 360 because they can connect to other devices.


Can I use a PS4, Xbox One, or Switch to play Crusher 360? PS4: yes. Yes, the Xbox One.

Bluetooth technology is not supported by the Xbox 360 platform.

No. Although the Xbox 360 controller has a 2.5mm jack, only voice communications and not game audio are played through it. If your headset carries both voice and game audio, you must plug it directly into your TV or Xbox in order to hear the game audio.

A digital audio (S/PDIF or TOSLINK) cable for the Xbox 360 S console, or a regular stereo audio cable and an HDMI audio adapter. Note S/PDIF (optical audio) port for the digital audio cable is built into the Xbox 360 S. You can use an optional HDMI audio adapter if your system calls for one.

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