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How To Unblock Someone On Cash App

Can You Unblock Someone on Cash App?

Yes, On Cash App, you can unblock a user. After barring someone for the reasons previously mentioned, this application has been set up so that you can change the settings to unblock them if you later realize that you need those contacts and need to remove them from the blocked list. Are you thinking about transferring money from Venmo to Cash app for a better experience then we have also written a guide on it that you can read. Coming back to the point that how to unblock some on the Cash app? Read the steps below to make it happen.

Step 1. Log In to Your Cash App Account

Start by launching the application. It is necessary for you to log into your Cash App account as normal. Since you are probably already accustomed to the app’s design and home screen, unblocking someone on Cash App won’t be difficult.

Step 2. Open Your Cash App Transaction History

Opening the Transaction Activity option is the following action. You may access all of your previous interactions with users from the past few weeks and months here.

Step 3. Look For the Particular Person You Want to Unblock

Find the person you wish to unblock right now. The popped menu will show each blocked contact and phone.

Step 4. Click the ‘Unblock’ Option

The ‘Unblock’ option may be found by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of the specific person’s account. You only need to tap on it to unblock someone on Cash App. If this doesn’t help you, though, think about contacting Cash App Support for advice. You’ve successfully unblocked the user. For each contact you want to unblock, repeat the process.

Step 5. Kick Start the Transactions

You can start sending each other money and payment requests once you unblock the person.

Final Thoughts

I’m done now. You should now be able to successfully unblock someone on Cash App. Sometimes it’s imperative to block someone for security or personal reasons. But with time, if you feel the need to do business with the person, it is important to know how to unblock them on Cash App. As you know Cash app is one of the untraceable money transfer apps that you can trust so people highly consider this app for transactions. For the questions, please feel free to comment below.


In order to stop someone from sending you payments or requests, follow these steps: On the home screen of the Cash App, select the Activity tab. In your activity feed, click on their name. Select Block at the very bottom of their profile.

Unblocking a number

  • From the app on your phone.
  • Press the More button.
  • Select Settings. blocked phone numbers
  • Tap Clear next to the number you want to unblock. Unblock.

How much time must pass before unblocking someone on Facebook? After you unblock someone after blocking them, you must wait 48 hours before friending them once more.

When you block someone on Instagram, they stop following you, so even after you unblock them, they won’t be.

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