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List Of Best Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

7 Best Wireless Charging Mouse Pads in 2022

Having a wireless charging mouse pad is more than just convenient because you can use it to wirelessly charge your smartphone and other Qi-compatible devices. But what if a wireless charger had additional functions in addition to charging? Recently, several manufacturers thought of incorporating wireless chargers inside mousepads, and they function flawlessly. Imagine using your wireless charging mouse pads when they are placed right next to your mouse where you can see them all the time, just next to your computer.

There are now many brands and models available on the market because this kind of technology is all the comfort and convenience it can provide users, particularly those who frequently find themselves next to their laptops. Techpotamus hope that our list of the top wireless charging mousepads for 2022 will help you locate a mouse pad that complements your sense of style and level of comfort.

Best Wireless Charging Mouse Pads


The limitation that only allows for Qi-enabled devices is the issue with traditional Qi wireless charging pads. Meaning that these easy chargers are nothing more than accessories if the gadget in question is entirely different, such as a non-flagship smartphone or another item on the Qi list. However, Corsair would like to change that perception by creating a wireless charging mouse pad that not only provides control to their wireless mice but also comfort to anyone who wanted to experience wireless charging.

A high-quality mouse pad that allows wireless charging is the Corsair MM1000 Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad. One benefit is that you can charge any Qi device, including Android, iPhone, and everything in between. Similar to the tablet version, you simply enable Qi in your device’s settings, if it’s accessible, and place your device on the ground. However, it’s a little different on the MM1000. Your device must be placed on the charging icon, which is located in the mouse pad’s upper right corner.

Because they can only handle Qi-enabled devices, traditional Qi wireless charging mats have this limitation. This means that these easy chargers are merely accessories if the gadget in question is something entirely different, like a non-flagship smartphone or another item on the Qi list. Corsair wants to alter that notion, so they’ve developed a wireless charging mouse pad that not only gives control over their wireless mice but also comfort to anyone else who wants to try wireless charging.

2. Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System

By utilizing their strong wireless mouse that consistently offers charging the gaming mouse through the mouse pad, the Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System is prepared to address difficult and inconsistent input device concerns as part of its mission to revolutionize gaming. You won’t return to the time when the wireless mouse slowed down because the battery was low.

The Powerplay system uses electromagnetic resonance, which distinguishes it from other brands even if the mouse pad offers wireless charging like all other brands. Using this technology, the charging surface is dramatically enhanced in comparison to prior models, which typically only support charging on a small area about the width of a smartphone. A module in the compatible gaming mouse converts the electromagnetic field into a charging current, which is how this technology functions.

Along with Powerplay, Logitech developed Lightspeed, a technology that adds a receiver to the mouse pad’s upper-left corner to alleviate the gaming mouse’s connectivity issues. This ensures that the wireless mouse would always be connected to a receiver that is not just closer but also more dedicated and integrated. It also enables the pad to be charged for the technology to function. Logitech was able to accomplish a 1ms wireless transmission transfer, a feat previously only attainable through a wired arrangement, thanks to sophisticated engineering integrated inside the system, from the sensors to the antenna.

Even if the charging system is only compatible with Logitech’s gaming mice, it’s a technology that’s worth the investment, especially if you’re a gamer who wants speed without the restriction of wires or connections.

3. Redragon P025 Qi 10w Fast Wireless Charging RGB Backlit Mouse Pad

While the majority of gamers choose to spend on equipment that improves performance, some would rather get the most out of their money by purchasing bundles or taking into account the value that has a significant positive impact on everything. Imagine having an RGB gaming mouse pad that gives you an advantage in games and charges your smartphone or another Qi-compatible device. The Redragon P025 Wireless Charging RGB Backlit Mouse Pad is excellent at accomplishing that.

Even though the RGB lights is already on when the wireless charging pad is in use, it may surprise you to learn that it can produce 10W, which is a great amount of power for charging high-end devices. Redragon installed protection from over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature to give you peace of mind about the safety of your phone and mouse pad from potential current damage.

However, one of the most excellent benefits is that configuring the RGB lights with the mouse pad doesn’t require installing any additional software. You can get a taste of what it’s like to play video games without spending a lot of money by using the buttons on the charging plate, where you can select between more than 7 hues and illuminating modes. You can tell you have an excellent wireless charging mouse pad since it has a smooth surface and a solid rubber foundation.

4. ZOFINE Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

The Zofine Wireless Charging Mouse Pad is more than a realistic alternative if you’re seeking a stylish mouse pad that stands out from the standard black mat. The entire mouse pad is composed of polyurethane leather, which encourages you to use it more than just for its opulent appearance. The material utilized enables the pad to be water and dust-resistant, attributes you’ll value, especially if you want to keep your pad tidy and clear of clutter.

You’ll be happy to know that the wireless charging mouse pad can generate up to 10W of Qi from the panel within the mouse pad to the device if you have high-speed charging compatible smartphones, such as those made by Samsung or Huawei, to name a couple. Given that 10W is extremely demanding, particularly for wireless Qi, the charging performance can be compared to that of wired charges. This eliminates the need for cords or wires, which can occasionally be annoying if not problematic.

In terms of dependability and safety, Zofine’s Wireless Charging Mouse Pad is supported with a non-slip base that greatly reduces mishaps brought on by careless use. Additionally, there is protection against temperature fluctuations, power surges, short-circuit issues, and even voltage incompatibilities. Any charged gadget, including your mouse pad, is always safe and secure.

5. MAD GIGA Wireless Mouse Pad Charger

The Mad Giga Wireless Mouse Pad Charger is something to look at if you’re a crazy gamer who can never be pleased with short mouse pads that can’t keep up with your game style. You’ll have more than enough padding space with a mouse pad that is three times longer, especially for systems with lengthy displays and high levels of interactivity.

However, the mouse pad is not only for playing games. On the charging plate that is situated on the left side of the pad, you could also charge your Qi-compatible cellphones and other gadgets. Although it charges your smartphones and other devices with Qi support with 5W, 7.5W, or 10W like any other charger would, what’s strange is the manufacturer’s confidence in allowing you to keep your cases on. Other wireless charging mouse pads only have a little amount of electricity, therefore phone cases must be taken off before using the device. Mad Giga affirms that charging would still be possible even if your case was incredibly thick, even 6mm thick.

Additionally, 11 illumination modes can be selected via the button on the charging panel’s lower half. You could select from 7 different hues and set them to static mode, or you could select from breathing and rolling LED modes.

The mouse pad’s quality is likewise precisely produced, using ultra-fine fiber to provide the mouse a better sense of flow and navigation with less drag. With its rubber matting, the base is sturdy and prevents the mouse pad from slipping off of any surface.

6. GAZEPAD Qi Wireless Fast Charging Mouse Pad

The Gaze Pad Qi Wireless Fast Charging Mouse Pad gives you the power to charge up your Qi-compatible device by just placing it on the “G” positioned on the right-hand side of your pad. Charging quickly no longer needs to be cumbersome and constrained. The pad’s charging speed is also something to look forward to because it uses three charging coils instead of the standard one, which charges but isn’t as pleasurable. The charging area is also bigger at the same time, which is great for people who unintentionally set their phones down to charge.

The mouse pad’s size, which is 14.1 by 8.6 inches, is also noteworthy. Placing a legal-sized piece of paper inside your mouse, your phone, or something larger, like a tablet for Qi charging, can give you a sense of how the mouse pad should fit in your workspace.

With a polyurethane leather surface, you can move your mouse or charge your devices in style and comfort while keeping them from slipping or sliding off the mouse pad. Additionally, you had a choice of colors, including midnight blue, grey, brown, and black.

7. RICOV Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Pad

Some people may find the charging area of the mouse pad to be a little puzzling because many wireless charging mats have an unassuming, immersive appearance. By physically separating the pad and the charging panel from one another, the Ricov Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Pad has solved that problem. Due to the precise differences in the materials used for the charging panel and the mouse pad, it is easy to distinguish between these two portions even for those who are not familiar with the technology.

For high-end smartphones like the iPhone X, Samsung S8, Google Nexus 6, HTC 8X, and others that support Qi, the wireless charging pad’s power output of 5V and 1000mA is more than sufficient.

You can tell the mouse pad was made with quality because one side is polyurethane and the other is toughened glass. In reality, Ricov offers guarantees to customers that their products will function as promised and live up to their standards.

Which mouse pad stands out?

While the items on our list do offer wireless charging as they should, you might also take into account whether the charging panel can still fit your device without requiring you to remove the case. After all, comfort should be enhanced to the fullest extent possible given that technology now provides convenience without the need for restrictive wires. While searching for the best and most expensive mouse pads you will also be wondering about the best and most expensive gaming mouse that can complete your pleasure gaming experience.

Regarding the mechanics of the charging panel’s construction, it would be easier and better if there were a separate area where you could clearly set your device for wireless charging. You’ll be able to locate your Qi-capable smartphone even with just a quick glance, unlike with a modest and unobtrusive design, giving you more time to focus on your life at the computer and less time to worry about your phone.

If your mouse pad is for gaming, RGB lights would be fantastic for additional functionality. The polyurethane leather skins should be excellent aside from that. Additionally, with safety in mind, seek a wireless charging mouse pad that features safeguards against potential mishaps brought on by voltage, charging, and abrupt power surges.


With Logitech’s Powerplay mouse pad, the Logitech G903 Lightspeed can wirelessly recharge while being used for gaming. Additionally, it connects via USB, charges using the included Micro USB cable, and has programmable RGB lighting. Although the battery life isn’t particularly good, using the mat allays any battery worries.

Our current favorite is the PowerWave 7.5 Stand from Anker. It has a stand that makes checking notifications very easy, charges faster on Android than any other pad we tested, and it looks nice.

In general, 10 watts is all you’ll require to give your device the quickest wireless charge possible.

Checking the wattage of your wireless charger is also crucial. The lowest wattage is 5W, with Samsung phones charging at 9W, some Android phones supporting up to 10W, and iPhones charging at a maximum of 7.5W. The phone charges more quickly the higher the wattage.

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