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The technological world has never been more interesting, and every month Techpotamus helps up to 70 million individuals worldwide find the technology they love. Our top-notch experts are immersed in the most recent technology, and just like a dependable friend or advisor, we won’t talk down to you or confuse you with jargon. Instead, we’ll provide you with clear, unbiased guidance as well as hints, tips, and trade secrets gleaned from our exhaustive in-depth testing.

Our mission is simple: to be the source for the tech Reviews, gadget comparisons, technology news, apps tips and tricks and phones reviews.

We’ll outline the best equipment, the best places to shop, and the most amazing activities you can do with it. We do it because… Since this is important to us. We realise there are people out there who are hesitant to invest their hard-earned money on a piece of technology that is essential to their daily lives when we wake up in the morning.

Since you have a phone with you constantly, choosing the appropriate one is important. The success of family night can be significantly changed by choosing the right TV. The appropriate laptop purchase might reduce stress and back strain. Think of Techpotamus as your go-to resource because we’re here to help, not simply because we like pixels, gigahertz, and heart-rate monitoring.

In addition to assisting you in finding the technology you’ll love, Techpotamus is passionate about teaching you how to use it, how to integrate it with other significant aspects of your life, and even what material, apps, and games you should consider downloading, enjoying, and watching.

We are aware that even when you click the checkout button, your relationship with technology continues. We continue to test, assess, and keep track of the upgrades and modifications that prominent brands are now constantly releasing, which can significantly affect your smartwatch, headphones, or even coffee maker.

We’ll also update you on all the significant newsworthy events and developments in the tech industry. We’re here to be your dependable companion in our complex technological life, from entertainment to EVs, smartphones to smart lighting, Windows to wearables.


Only individuals who genuinely enjoy the technological world are a part of the Techpotamus team. In order to give our readers the inside scoop on what really matters, we don’t just want to talk about it; we also want to try it, experience it, and take it all in.

This indicates that we go above and above to fully disclose the details of our testing to you. We’ve written hundreds of pieces from our writers’ points of view, letting you know what we think is wonderful, the technology we can’t live without right now, and what you should definitely stay away from.

We’ll run 31 miles while wearing four watches to check if the numbers tally up(opens in new tab). We’ll use motion capture to see how games are actually created (opens in new tab). To learn the truth, we frequently consult the biggest names in technology.

And we do it because we’re technology enthusiasts like you who merely want to know what’s happening and how to make the most of their technology.


No matter when a device was released, if you can still buy it, it’s on our radar. We take pride in our independence and our meticulous review-testing methodology, delivering long-term attention to the goods we review and ensuring that our reviews are regularly updated and maintained.

We have put together a team of some of the world’s top technology writers who are not only authorities in their industry but also the target audience for whom we write our reviews: those who are interested in learning about and utilising the most cutting-edge technology.

This is our promise to you:

  • We do not take payment for product reviews. Ever.
  • We select products for review based on what we believe our readers want to know.
  • We’ll tell you what we think, not what advertisers want you to hear. 
  • We say it as we see it. Our expert reviewers love technology and want you to love it too. If it’s rubbish, we’ll warn you off. 
  • If a product doesn’t meet our high standards, we’ll tell you why. 
  • We’ll test products in real life, with a minimum acceptable number of days of testing required before we write our reviews to ensure every product is thoroughly tested.
  • If you think we’re not living up to our promise, please email the Editor-in-Chief and we’ll endeavor to put it right. 

Our five star scoring system

We use a familiar five-star scoring system, in order to keep things recognizable and simple: the more stars, the better.

We rate our products on a number of criteria depending on the specific attributes of a product type, and we add a score out of 5 for each.

  • Find out more on how we test, review and rate


The products we cover, evaluate, and list in our shopping guides are chosen independently by us. Our editorial pieces’ material is always independent. Nothing with a star rating was purchased.

Our editorial independence is supported by the authority of Future PLC, one of the biggest technology publishers in the world, so we may express our opinions about a product without fear or favour.

In order to provide you immediate coverage of the newest items, we occasionally accept invitations and travel expenses to trade exhibits and product viewing events. We never allow it to colour our judgement or our response to a product, but there are occasions when it’s the only way we can cover a new product, gadget, or service for you.

We frequently use the companies’ financing programmes even if we buy some of the things we review. We always try to ensure that the review unit we receive is representative of what you’ll be able to buy, but we’re here to help you and this is frequently the only way to get our hands on something before it goes on sale. Rest assured that if the device simply isn’t good enough for our readers, we won’t hold back.

At the brand’s request or at the conclusion of the predetermined loan time, we always return merchandise.