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List Of Best Cat Ears Headphones

headsets with cat ears. They appear as ridiculous as their name suggests. Yet they are so well-liked. What cat ear headphones,? who created them? are they effective? and which ones are the top ones available in 2023? Techpotamus is mainly talking about the top 15 cat ear headphones for 2023 and has all the answers.

What Are Cat Ear Headphones and Why Are They So Popular?

Cat ears, or more specifically, women with cat ears, have long been a source of intrigue in Japan. The very first cat-eared woman appeared in a 1924 book by Kenji Miyazawa. The first fictional cat-eared characters in manga and anime started to appear a few years later, and the fascination quickly spread across the globe. The girls with cat ears are referred to as Nekomimi in manga and anime. DC Comics released the first comic book featuring the Cat woman character in 1940. That was the first Nekomimi girl release in the US. The fashion industry, gaming industry, and other sectors all experienced an increase in interest in cat ears and Nekomimi girls. Cat ears have even managed to make their way into the audio industry, where they have quickly gained popularity.

Wenqing Yan is the creator of the idea for cat ear headphones (aka YUUMEI). She created the concept in 2014 and is a designer, illustrator, and anime artist. Wenqing and her best friend Victoria Hu made the decision to execute the plan shortly after. The crowdfunding campaign was launched on Indiegogo under the moniker Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones. Their target was $250,000, but the campaign was a huge success and they ended up raising close to $3.5 million, far exceeding their expectations.

They were now forced to create the first set of cat ear headphones. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a simple and easy process. The legal dispute between Wenquing and Victoria over the Axent Wear brand caused their partnership to break down, delaying the product’s release by more than six months. We won’t go into great detail about the conflict between Yumei and her former best friend, but if you’re interested, you can read about it on her blog on Deviant Art.

Following the conclusion of the court dispute, Brookstone approached YUUMEI and made her an offer of collaboration. They started distributing their cat ear headphones after she agreed to it a few months later. They originally sent them to each and every Indiegogo backer before beginning mass manufacturing. The initial model had wiring. The cat ears and earcups of the device had LED lighting. Additionally, the cat ears had speakers built in so you could play music for your friends. Additionally, YUUMEI created the headphones’ box.

The Brookstone headphones quickly overran the market, and other producers soon began creating their own cat ear headphones in response to their success. Due to the Nekomimi, they are marketed as Neko headphones and cat ear headphones, among other names. There are wired and wireless options available, as well as models with and without LED lights, a microphone, gaming cat ear headphones, etc.

After the initial cat ear headphones were introduced, Brookstone also made a wireless version and a special Ariana Grande edition, which helped cat ear headphones gain even more popularity.

That is the background to cat ear headphones. Finally, we can talk about their caliber.

Are Cat Ear Headphones Any Good? 

Truthfully, the majority of them aren’t. There aren’t many well-known audio brands available for cat ear headphones. There are no cat ear headphones from Bose, Sennheiser, Beyer dynamic, Sony, or Bowers & Wilkins. The majority of the producers use generic names. The only two well-known manufacturers of cat ear headphones are Razer and Brookstone, and even those two are not well-known for their high-end models. Although Razer is one of the greatest names in the gaming business and Brookstone is a well-known retailer, it is not highly specialized in headphones.

Additionally, the majority of cat ear headphones available are rather affordable. They appear to be rather fragile and are primarily constructed of plastic.

In summary, they sound decent (but not fantastic) and have a build quality that is comparable to their pricing. They are also entertaining and flashy (and the price is usually quite low).

Who Is Going to Love Them?

There are a few prospective customer categories that come to mind. Kids are the most likely target demographic, and they are absolutely obsessed with these headphones (both, boys and girls). What’s not to like about them? They have cat ears and all the LED lights.

Evidently, some gamers enjoy them as well. All manga and anime fans, especially those who are already into Nekomimi, are probably the biggest fans of cat ear headphones.

We can continue on to our list of the top 15 cat ear headphones for 2021 now that you are aware of what they are and what to expect from them.

1. Mind Koo MH-6 Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

One of the many generic brands that produce affordable headphones is Mind koo. For the price, their goods often deliver respectable performance. The MH-6 are plasticky cat ear headphones that are inexpensive. There are six vibrant models to choose from. There is only one color of LED light in each model. They currently cost less than $30.

 What’s in the box?

A micro USB charging cable, an AUX cable, a user handbook, and a warranty card are all included with the headphones.

 Things we like

The MH-6 headphones have a lovely appearance like all the other cat ear headphones. Their construction quality is comparable to their cost. The headband frame and hinges are constructed of plastic, as well as everything else.

The controls are quite basic. The power/play/pause, volume/track, and micro USB charging ports are all located on the right cup. The LED button and an AUX port are located on the left cup. You can choose between the four LED settings by pressing the LED button: all lights on, earcup lights on, cat ear lights on, and all lights flashing. Alternatively, you might use the LED button to dim the lights.

They offer a satisfying level of comfort. They are a bit more child-friendly than standard headphones due to their lower size. The minimum age is 10 years old. People with smaller and perhaps medium-sized heads can wear them. Considering the price tag, the paddings are sufficiently thick and fluffy. The fact that these are on-ear headphones is one thing you should be aware of. They will resemble over-ear headphones when worn by a child, but if you’re an adult, they will exert some pressure on your ears.

You can use the Mind koo MH-6 headphones wirelessly or wiredly. The package comes with the AUX cable. Bluetooth 4.2 on the MH-6 has a standard range of 30 feet. The connection is steady and trustworthy.

If the lights are on, the built-in battery will last for 5 hours of enjoyment; if the lights are off, it may last for up to 8 hours. It only takes a few hours to recharge.

The LED lights appear amusing. You can select one of the 4 illumination settings we’ve discussed, and both the cat ears and the earcups are illuminated.

Average sound quality with audible distortion at higher volumes.

 Things we don’t like

Our impression of the call quality was unimpressive. Your speech sounds small and muddled, and there is a constant audible hiss.

Although the LED lights are a neat feature, you can only choose from one lighting color.

2. Riwbox CT-7 Cat Ear LED Light Up Wireless Foldable Headphones

Another set of flimsy, inexpensive headphones. What a shock… It’s fairly obvious who their primary target market is based on their design and color scheme.

 What’s in the box?

The Riwbox CT-7 headphones come with an AUX cable, a short manual, a micro USB charging cable, and a warranty card.

 Things we like

Headphones made by Riwbox look like toys. Pink/green and pink/white are the two color combinations that are offered. The cat ears have colorful LED lights embedded into them. When the music is played in wireless mode, it will occasionally illuminate. The padding is nice and thick. The ease is gratifying. The headphones are sized for children above the age of 10 due to the size of the headband and cups.

The control plan is straightforward. On the left cup are all the buttons, a micro USB port, and an AUX port. The M button, which is used to turn on and off the LED lights, is present in addition to the standard buttons (power, volume/track, play/pause).

The headphones can be used wirelessly or wired. The Bluetooth 5.0 headphones have a limited Bluetooth range (up to 50ft without obstacles). Multipoint pairing and NFC are not supported. Within the specified boundaries, the connection is reliable.

With the lights on and the built-in rechargeable battery in place, the playback time is up to 4 hours. You’ll only get six hours at most without the lights.

The lighting seems entertaining and is meant to synchronize with the beat.

The audio quality is decent. The quality exceeds what the price would suggest. When giving your child these headphones, exercise caution because they can become quite loud.

The microphone performs admirably. The communication is generally clear despite the fact that this is not a noise-canceling microphone.

 Things we don’t like

The headband frame and hinges are constructed of plastic, as well as everything else. Their longevity is in doubt.

Only the wireless mode makes the lights functional. When using the headphones in wired mode, you cannot turn them on.

3. Kids Headphones, Riwbox CT-7S Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones 85dB Volume Limiting

The CT-7 and CT-7S headphones from Riwbox are virtually identical in appearance. The volume-limiting feature is the only distinction between these two variants. While CT-7S headphones have this feature, CT-7 headphones do not. Consequently, CT-7S is more kid-friendly than CT-7.

 What’s in the box?

Similar to the CT-7, the CT-7S headphones come with a warranty card, a manual, a micro USB charging cable, and a braided 3.5mm audio cord.

 Things we like

The CT-7S and CT-7 are identical in terms of design and build quality. Additionally, they have a small plastic headband with cat ears on top and two quite small plastic earcups. LED lights of various colors are in cat ears. There are two color combinations for the headphones: purple and green and blue and green.

The controls are identical as well. On the left cup are all the buttons, indicators, and inputs. By pressing the M button, the lighting can be turned on or off. The RGB lighting theme is the only option available, so you aren’t able to pick the color of the lighting.

The headphones can be used wirelessly or wired. The headphones use Bluetooth 5.0 with a 30-foot range for a wireless connection. With the lights on at 50% volume, the battery can last up to 4 hours of playtime or 6 hours without the lights.

The RGB lighting theme looks fun, and the lights are cool. If there had been a way to select the color of the lights, it would have been even better. You can’t, though.

When you consider the cost, the sound is acceptable. The reproduction is adequate, though you won’t get crazily deep lows, incredibly detailed mids, or sparkling highs. The volume-limiting function is an additional feature that elevates these headphones above the CT-7.

The mic can be used, but it can’t handle noise well and isn’t noise-canceling.

 Things we don’t like

The build quality is inferior and the headphones have a cheap-looking appearance despite being on par with the price. Plastic is used for everything.

4. Brookstone Wired Cat Ear Headphones

It would be a pity to leave out the original design of cat ear headphones. After all, this model was the catalyst for the movement. Formerly known as Axent Wear, the model created by Wenqing Yan (YUUMEI) is now Brookstone wired cat ear headphones. When compared to several low-cost knockoffs, Brookstone headphones are a little more durable, come with a boom mic for gaming, and include built-in speakers inside the cat ears. It’s important to bring up the price and the fact that you can only choose one color for the lighting, which is one of the things we don’t like.

 What’s in the box?

A 4-foot long 3.5mm detachable audio cable with inline controls, a detachable boom microphone for gaming, a micro USB charging cable, a carrying case, a manual, and a warranty card are included with the purchase of Brookstone headphones.

Things we like

The Brookstone headphones have the same cat ear design as every other pair of headphones on the list. Their build quality distinguishes them from competitors only a little bit. They are made of plastic, but the material feels a little bit thicker and appears a little bit more sturdy. It is still just plastic, though. Even the frame of the headband is made of plastic. For $30, that kind of build is reasonable to expect and perfectly acceptable, but for $100, we would have preferred something better. We, therefore, have conflicting opinions about the build; it is superior to all generic brands but not on par with the price.

The ease is gratifying. The weight is evenly distributed, and the padding on the headband and earpads is thick and soft. The main issue may be how tight they are, although it’s not uncomfortable or especially taxing.

The control plan is straightforward. Two 3.5mm inputs, one for the AUX cable and the other for the boom microphone, are located in the left cup. The LED button, speaker button (which turns on the built-in speakers), micro USB charging port, and two volume buttons are all located on the left cup.

Only the wired mode is compatible with the headphones. You can play/pause music and adjust the volume using the inbuilt controls on the AUX wire that comes with the headphones. Although the inline controls lack a microphone, you can take calls using the bundled boom mic.

The performance of the mic is pretty decent. Even if your voice may be faint, it is still clearly audible.

One of the main selling factors is the lighting. The earcups and cat ears on the headphones are both illuminated. The color of the lights is not up to you to decide. You will either get blue, purple, green, or red lights, depending on the model you select. Additionally, you can only turn the lights on and off; you cannot select the lighting pattern.

With Brookstone wired headphones, you can choose to share your music with others by turning on the external cat ear speakers or receiving sound through the earcups. The price and sound are not precisely on par. It has a lot of basses and even has a boom. A portion of the midrange frequencies will be masked by the bass. The highs are less detailed and a little brighter.

The internal rechargeable battery powers the LED lights and cat ear speakers. There are 5 hours of playtime on the battery (when both LED lights and speakers are active).

 Things we don’t like

It is impossible to turn off the boom mic that is included with the headphones. You must disconnect it if you’re playing a game and don’t want folks on the other end to hear you.

There is only one lighting color available to you. There is no way to select the lighting pattern or alter the color of the lighting.

The overall effectiveness and build quality fall short of the cost.

5. Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones 

The improvement over Brookstone wired cat ear headphones is Brookstone wireless. Although they are nearly identical in appearance and share the same level of construction, some extra features, such as Bluetooth compatibility and multicolored lights, are present. The price of these headphones is what we don’t like. We believe they are wildly overpriced.

What’s in the box?

A carrying case, a 4-foot detachable audio cable with inline controls and a microphone, a micro USB charging cable, a manual, and a warranty card are included with the Brookstone wireless cat ear headphones.

 Things we like

The Brookstone wireless headphones are nearly identical to the Brookstone wired headphones in terms of comfort, design, and construction. They are built similarly to plastic toys, with thick padding, a bulky appearance, and of course, cat ears.

You have a few extra buttons for playback control, and the placement of the control buttons have changed significantly. On the right cup are all the controls, inputs, and indicators. The light on/off/color, light mode, speaker (to turn on external speakers), AUX input, volume controls, and play/pause buttons are all located at the bottom. The micro USB charging port, Bluetooth button, and pairing/Bluetooth LED indicator are all located on the top. Since there are so many buttons and they are all on one cup, it will take some time to get used to this button layout.

Bluetooth connectivity is effective. The connection is stable up to a distance of about 30 feet. They are also usable in wired mode (cable included).

When both the headphones and the external speakers are in use, the internal battery provides up to 5 hours of gameplay. The playtime will be reduced by the LED lights, but if the external speakers are off, you will still get 5 hours.

The LED lighting is the biggest improvement, aside from Bluetooth connectivity. Unlike the wired version, which only had lights in one color, this version lets you select from seven different colors.

The Brookstone wireless cat ear headphones produce bass-heavy sound with muddy mids and bright highs, just like the cable counterpart. You can share your music with others thanks to the exterior cat ear speakers on both of them.

 Things we don’t like

We had high expectations given the price tag. These cans cost more than $200 each. When the headphones cost less than $100, the all-plastic construction is acceptable, but if they want to charge $200, they must upgrade it. Additionally, the playtime is not comparable to the cost. At this price point, there is a ton of Bluetooth headphones with much longer playtimes. It also has poor audio quality.

Therefore, the only reasons these headphones are present are that they are the original cat ear headphones and that the room has cool lighting.

6. Brookstone Limited Edition Ariana Grande Wireless Cat Ear Headphones 

One of the things that contributed to the success of Brookstone headphones and cat ear headphones, in general, is their collaboration with Ariana Grande.

This limited edition is essentially the same as the Brookstone wireless cat ear headphones that were previously described. The cost caught us off guard the most. The original Brookstone wireless headphones, which cost under $140, are more expensive than the Ariana Grande headphones. Consequently, the price is significantly higher than the original version, but we still believe they are overpriced.

 What’s in the box?

Similar to the Brookstone wireless headphones, the Ariana Grande edition includes a manual, warranty card, detachable AUX cable with inline controls, and a built-in microphone.

 Things we like

The original wired and wireless headphones’ form is carried over into the limited edition’s design. The color of the cups and frame is the only item that has been altered. Silver-colored headphones with pink accents and Ariana Grande’s autographs on both earcup covers.

The design, comfort, and control button arrangement are all identical. Plenty of plastic is still present. All the controls are on the right cup, and the cushioning is nice.

The advertised 30-foot range of the Bluetooth connection is stable and provides satisfying performance. With the LED lights on, the battery life is only up to 5 hours, which is not in line with the price.

You have cat ears with external speakers, much like the original wireless version, so you can share your music with others. LED lights in the cups and cat ears can be customized in terms of color. Blue, purple, orange, green, yellow, pink, red, and ice are the colors that are offered.

The sound has bright highs, muddy mids, and a lot of basses. The call’s quality is acceptable.

 Things we don’t like

When the headphones are reasonably priced, the all-plastic construction is not a problem for us, but when they cost more than $100, we have to voice our displeasure. Five hours of playtime is simply not enough. The price would be justified by increasing the playtime and upgrading the building.

7. iClever IC-HS08 Cat Ear Kids Headphones

For your children, iClever HS08 headphones are the ideal option. They are affordable as well as kid-friendly. They contain an adjustable volume-limiting function and are manufactured of sturdy silicone. The range of ages is 3 to 12, although it really depends on your child’s head size. For a 4-year-old child, it might be too big, and for a 10-year-old, it might be too small.

 What’s in the box?

The headphones come with a manual, a warranty card, and an audio cable that isn’t detachable or tangle-free.

 Things we like

The iClever headphones have the same recognizable cat ears as all the earlier models. The cat ears in this instance are silicone and do not contain any lights.

The build quality of iClever headphones is one of their unique features. They are substantially more robust because the frame is constructed of plastic and strengthened with food-grade silicone. They won’t be damaged after months of abuse from your kids. Memory protein was used for the padding, while PU leather was used for the finish. The audio cord is flat and silicone-reinforced, which prevents tangling.

One button that can be used to answer calls or pause/play music is located on the cable along with an inline microphone. The volume-limiting switch is another feature intended to safeguard your child’s health. There are two options available: 85 dB or 94 dB.

Considering the cost, the call and sound quality is more than acceptable.

 Things we don’t like

At this price point, the absence of LED lights is the only thing we have to be upset about. Read our next review if you want an upgraded model with LED lights.

8. iClever HS12 Kids Headphones

The iClever HS08, which was previously mentioned, is the same as the HS12, but with built-in LED lights instead of a microphone. Additionally, the upgraded version lacks an adjustable volume limiter. The price difference between this model and the previous one is only $3, and the age range is 3 to 12.

 What’s in the box?

Your HS12 headphones with an attached audio cable, a user guide, and a warranty card are all included in the box.

 Things we like

Once more, you have a design that was influenced by cat ears. In this instance, there are lights inside the ears. You may turn the lights on, choose the lighting setting, or turn them off by pressing a button on the right ear. There are three settings: strobe, flashing, and steady lights.

The construction was left alone by the manufacturer. You still have swiveling cups, an adjustable headband, plush earmuffs, and reinforcements made of food-grade silicone. They made an effort to make them as sturdy and pleasant as they could.

The cable is tangle-free, flat, and silicone-reinforced.

Given the price, the sound quality is more than acceptable, and the volume limit—another feature geared toward children—is set at 85 dB.

 Things we don’t like

These iClever headphones lack a built-in microphone, unlike the previous models.

9. Barsone B-28 Cat Ear Headphones

Another inexpensive generic brand is Barsone. The cost of B-28 headphones is less than $20. These headphones combine iClever’s kid-friendly features with the original Brookstone cat ear headphone design in a way. The age range is 3 to 15.

 What’s in the box?

The headphones come with a user’s guide, a warranty card, and an audio cable that is 5 feet long and not detachable.

 Things we like

The original cat ear headphones served as inspiration for the design. Since they are designed for children, the cups and headset are smaller, but the build quality is the same. Plastic is used for everything.

The cups may spin and swivel, and the headband can be adjusted. They can be folded as well.

LED lights are included inside the cat ears. One of the ears has a button that you can press to switch between steady and flickering lights. It can be used to turn off the lights as well.

Although the sound is not particularly rich and detailed, it is better than the price would suggest. The volume is also restricted at 85dB to protect your child’s hearing.

 Things we don’t like

The headphones’ cable is not removable, which is fine. The cable lacks in-line controls and a microphone and is not tangle-free.

We must nevertheless caution you that these headphones are not built to last even though we completely comprehend why everything is made of plastic.

10. LIMSON Cat Ear Headphones 

The aforementioned Barsone headphones are only marginally improved by the Limson cat ear headphones. In terms of design and construction, they are essentially identical. The extra earcup lighting is the only distinction. These headphones cost less than $20, like many earlier models.

 What’s in the box?

Along with the 3.5mm audio cable, manual, and one-year warranty, Limson headphones are also supplied.

These headphones are not unique or eye-catching. The style is based on cat ears, just like all of the earlier iterations. Foldable headphones are available. The cups can swivel and rotate, and the headband is movable. All of the components were made of plastic. Although not particularly impressive, the paddings provide a satisfying level of comfort.

The silicone-reinforced undetachable audio wire appears to be sufficiently strong.

 Things we like

Built-in LED lighting is present in both the cups and the cat ears. The internal rechargeable battery powers them. By pressing the button on the right ear, you can turn on the lights. There are two lighting options: blinking and steady lights.

Average sound quality is to be expected given the price, in my opinion.

 Things we don’t like

Because there are no inline controls, you can only use your phone to manage playing. There is no mic, as well.

11. LOBKIN Kids Headphones

LOBKIN is just another inexpensive pair of standard headphones. These generic models appear to all originate from the same factory. There aren’t many differences among any of these cat ear headphones.

 What’s in the box?

You will also receive a manual, warranty card, and a spare button battery in addition to the headphones.

 Things we like

LOBKIN headphones have the same fundamental cat ear shape as the earlier models. Only the ears have LED lights incorporated right into them. Even the frame of the headband is made of plastic. The padding on the headband and earpads is not too thick, yet it is really comfortable. The headphones can be folded as well.

The cord cannot be detached. Despite having silicone reinforcement, it doesn’t look that robust.

You must press the on/off button on the right cat ear to turn on the lighting. One CR2032 battery is located inside each ear. This battery will power the lights for 18 to 20 hours. The two lighting options are steady and blinking.

The sound quality of LOBKIN headphones is respectable and roughly comparable to all of the previous inexpensive models. The headphones have a feature that limits the volume. They are suitable for your children because the 85 dB limit has been set.

 Things we don’t like

The LOBKIN headphones lack an inline microphone and controls, just like many earlier models. Although the plastic construction is expected, it doesn’t feel secure.

12. Censi Cat Ear Headset

The Censi headphones, like all other non-Brookstone models before them, are created by an unidentified manufacturer. But Censi differs from other cheap cat ear headphones in some ways. They are more expensive and more durable than those subpar headphones. In reality, Censi headphones are regular headphones with two slots for the cat ears on top of the headband. Conversely, Censi headphones lack LED lights and aren’t as eye-catching to look at as the earlier models.

 What’s in the box?

The headphones, detachable cat ears, detachable audio cable, USB charging cable, carrying case, manual, and warranty card are all included in the box.

 Things we like

Censi are standard headphones with detachable cat ears and square earpads. They are made of plastic, just like all the previous models, but they feel much more durable than all those cheap cat ear headphones because the plastic looks thicker.

Although the headphones are a little restrictive, they are otherwise really comfortable. The cups are collapsible, swivelable, and have an adjustable headband.

The input/control system is fairly straightforward. Two volume buttons and a multipurpose power/play/pause button are located on the right cup. The micro USB charging connector is on the left cup, while the right one also has an AUX input.

They can be utilized wirelessly or weirdly. The Bluetooth 4.0 headphones provide a reliable wireless connection with a typical range of 30 feet. You can use the included audio cable for a wired connection, but you won’t be able to use the microphone in wired mode because the cable lacks inline controls.

At 50% volume, the rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of playback. It takes two hours to recharge.

Although there is some noise during the call, the mic cannot handle it.

The sound has a bassy quality. The rest of the midrange is balanced and clear, but the low mids are muddy and some male vocals sound tiny. The high-end is slightly brighter and less consistent than the low-end.

 Things we don’t like

The cat ears don’t have any LED lights built into them; they are merely plastic accessories.

In wired mode, you cannot use the controls or microphone. There are no inline controls on the headphone cable that is included.

13. Lux Accessories Rose Gold Cat Ear Headphones

In many ways, Lux Accessories headphones are comparable to all the other inexpensive cat ear headphones, but they appear more svelte and fashionable. A single aluminum wire fashioned into the shape of a cat head was chosen by the manufacturer to replace the customary plastic headband. For less than $20, you can purchase the headphones.

 What’s in the box?

Your headphones, a detachable audio cable, a manual, and a warranty card are all included in the box.

 Things we like

The concept of using a single wire in place of the customary headband is quite novel, but the execution was not very good. Although they have a wonderful appearance, they are equally delicate as plastic headphones. possibly even more brittle. Although we still adore them, we have severe concerns about their long-term viability.

When it comes to comfort, there are both good and bad aspects. Because they don’t have the traditional headband, they are very light. However, because they are on-ear, they are never as comfortable as over-ear headphones.

Although they are not Bluetooth headphones, Amazon images make that assumption. They have a detachable cable and are typical wired headphones. The included cable has built-in controls and a microphone.

The call quality/clarity is satisfactory given the cost. The sound is no different.

 Things we don’t like

The single-wire headband appears very fashionable but not very sturdy.

The bass response of the headphones is subpar.

14. SOMIC G951s Gaming Headset with Detachable Cat Ears

Somic is a wired headset with removable cat ears that is reasonably priced. It costs under $40 and is a bit more robust than all the $20 headphones. Expect nothing extravagant because it is still entirely made of plastic.

 What’s in the box?

A detachable audio cable with inline controls, a detachable microphone, detachable cat ears, a user manual, and a one-year warranty are included with the headphones.

 Things we like

The layout is intriguing. The headband and over-ear design were chosen by the maker, which adheres to tradition. The headphones come in a pink colour option. Everything about them, including the headband and hinges/yokes, is composed of plastic. They don’t feel particularly delicate though.

They provide an adequate level of comfort. There is room for your ears inside the big cups. The cushions are comfortable, and the headband can be adjusted to fit any size head.

The 3.5mm audio cable is the only type of connection that is accepted. The volume can be changed using the inline controls on the cable. Xbox, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and other consoles are all compatible with the headset.

The microphone cannot be removed. It is extremely sensitive and omnidirectional. The mic’s performance is satisfactory; albeit a little muffled, your voice will still be clearly audible.

The sound is bass-heavy but not overly so. You will be able to hear all the shouts and dialogue, and it will enhance your gaming experience. For that price, there aren’t many headsets that offer better performance.

 Things we don’t like

You’ll need a splitter cable to connect the headset to your computer.

15. Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB Gaming Headset

We’ve made the decision to save the most known name until last. It is also one of the best Hello Kitty Headphones which you can buy. Razer is well-known for its gaming hardware and headsets. They have released a special edition of the Razer Kraken headset called Razer Kraken Kitty because they enjoy spoiling their customers. They stated that they wanted to give their gaming gear a meow factor.

 What’s in the box?

Your Kraken Kitty headphones with an attached USB audio cable, some stickers bearing the Razer logo, a user manual, and a warranty card are all included in the box.

 Things we like

The headphones are quite comfortable while being slightly bulky. Considering their size, they are surprisingly lightweight, and the paddings are really comfortable and thick. It is clear that Razer has significant expertise in the area of comfort.

It is somewhat disappointing that the Razer Kraken Kitty is almost entirely made of plastic (including the frame of the headband), but it doesn’t feel flimsy or fragile. It really does feel very sturdy.

The headset contains a detachable USB audio cord that works with PC, Mac, and PS4, although the performance will differ depending on the platform. The THX Spatial mode is only available when connected to a PC running Windows 10 (64-bit version). When connected to a PS4, you will only hear stereo sound. This headset only offers surround sound when connected to a PC.

On the left cup are the volume controls and THX Spatial button. An ANC microphone is also housed in the left cup. On/off switch for the microphone is located on top.

The audio performance is quite engrossing. It works exceptionally well for gaming on Windows PCs. Use the Razer Synapse app to alter the sound, experiment with the EQ settings, and choose surround sound mode.

Although it only provides a few simple customization options, the Razer Synapse app also lets you adjust the lighting. You can change every lighting effect you can imagine by downloading the Streamer Companion app if you’d like more options. With this app, you can create interactive lightings where the cat ears change color depending on how your followers respond.

The mic performs admirably and produces sound that is crystal clear. The mic is the biggest highlight, along with the immersive sonic performance and programmable kitty ear lighting.

 Things we don’t like

Despite the fantastic design, entertaining lighting, and excellent comfort, we can’t say that the build quality is perfect. They ought to at least strengthen the structure of the headband.

Only Windows 10 supports the THX Spatial sound mode (64bit version). Even Win7 cannot run it.

The top 15 cat ear headphones for 2021 are now at an end. I hope you were able to find something that suited both your demands and your budget. Here is a quick list of things to think about when purchasing cat ear headphones in case you decide to keep looking for the ideal pair.

Things to Look for When Buying Cat Ear Headphones

Design – Colors, LED lighting

With those cat ears perched atop the headband, the majority of cat ear headphones share a similar basic design. Nevertheless, you have a choice between on-ear and over-ear styles, your favorite color, and a model with or without LED lights. While some models feature single-color LED lighting, others feature multi-color LED lighting.


Don’t have unrealistic expectations. The majority of these headphones are plastic and inexpensive. If they persist for more than a year, you should consider yourself fortunate, in our opinion. Not just the cups and the headband are inexpensive. Most of these headphones also have subpar internal wiring and cheap drivers.

Fit and Comfort 

The size of the headphones is important to consider when purchasing them for your youngster. You have headphones that are intended specifically for kids. Children’s headphones come in a variety of sizes. They also have some kid-friendly features and are made of stronger, safer materials (like food-grade silicone).

When purchasing headphones for yourself, you should also consider fit and comfort. For some reason, many of these headphones are not very large, which could be uncomfortable if you have a larger head.

Connectivity – wired, wireless, or both

Well, your needs and money will determine this completely. Although the cost of wired headphones is typically less, the difference is not very great. Some wired variants have removable microphones and in-line controls on their wires. If any of these aspects are significant to you, look for headphones that can accommodate them.

When you run out of battery power, you can use the detachable cable that most wireless headphones have. Additionally, the majority of them have built-in microphones that you can use wirelessly.

Bluetooth connection 

You must consider Bluetooth version, pairing, range, and connection reliability when looking for wireless cat ear headphones. Additionally, you should be aware of the Bluetooth codecs that are supported because they can let you know if the headphones are appropriate for iOS devices. They are unquestionably compatible with iOS if they support the AAC codec.

Battery life 

Depending on the cost and use of the headphones, the battery life (playtime) ranges from 4 to 9 hours. If the LED lights are off or you choose not to use the speakers built into the cat ears, the playtime will last longer. As a result, none of these wireless cat ear headphones have incredibly long playtimes.

Sound quality

The majority of these cat ear headphones use inexpensive drivers, as we’ve already mentioned. So don’t anticipate extraordinarily accurate reproduction, powerful bass, or scintillating highs. You will receive mediocre sound quality and be forced to live with it. There are cat ear headphones that sound better than others, but none of them are great.


As was previously noted, the majority of cat ear headphones are produced by unidentified generic manufacturers, and they are typically quite affordable. Cat ear-connected headphones frequently cost less than $50. Some cost less than $20. The most expensive cat ear headphones are made by Razer and Brookstone. These are the only headphones on our list that cost more than $100, as well as probably the only ones available.


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