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List of the Best Electrician Apps

There are many best apps for electricians to help electricians with various tasks, such as calculating wire sizes and voltage drops, creating wiring diagrams, and managing client information. Some popular options include Electrician Calculator Pro, Electrician Toolkit, and Electrician Mate. It would be best for an electrician to research and compare different apps to find the one that best meets their needs and preferences.

ServiceTitan Mobile

ServiceTitan is one of the best electrician apps for electricians and other service professionals. The app is designed to help these professionals manage their day-to-day tasks and operations more efficiently. With ServiceTitan Mobile, electricians can access customer information, schedule appointments, and track their work in real time. The app also allows electricians to communicate with their team and manage their schedule, making it easier to stay organized and focused on the job at hand. Additionally, the app provides access to a range of tools and resources that can help electricians improve their service and grow their business.


Route4Me can be a useful tool for electricians who need to manage and optimize their field service operations. It allows them to plan and manage multiple routes at once, ensuring that they can efficiently visit multiple job sites in a day while minimizing travel time and distance. Route4Me is one best electrician apps and the most reliable apps for electricians. It can help electricians save time and money by reducing the amount of time their vehicles are on the road, and by reducing fuel costs and other expenses associated with driving. Additionally, the software’s real-time tracking and alerts can help electricians stay on top of their schedules and ensure that they arrive at their job sites on time.


QuickBooks is accounting software that can be useful for electricians who need to manage their finances and accounting. It allows users to track income and expenses, create invoices and estimates, manage payroll, and run financial reports. This can help electricians stay on top of their finances, ensure that they are billing accurately and collecting payments on time, and make informed business decisions based on their financial data. Additionally, QuickBooks integrates with other tools that electricians may use, such as Route4Me, making it easy to manage multiple aspects of their business from one platform.

Electrical Engineering Dictionary

An electrical engineering dictionary app is a mobile application that provides access to a comprehensive collection of technical terms and definitions related to the field of electrical engineering. It can be a useful tool for students and professionals who need quick and easy access to important information while on the go. An electrical engineering dictionary app may include definitions of electrical components, principles, and theories, as well as mathematical formulas and other relevant information. It may also offer features such as search functionality and the ability to bookmark or save favorite entries for easy reference.

Ugly’s Electrical References

Ugly’s Electrical References is a mobile app that provides access to a comprehensive collection of technical information and references for the electrical industry. It is commonly used by electricians, engineers, and other professionals who need quick and easy access to important electrical information while on the job. The app includes a variety of features, such as electrical calculations, reference tables and charts, and NEC code updates. It also offers search functionality, the ability to bookmark or save favorite entries, and the option to customize the app with personal notes and annotations.

Electrodoc Pro

Electricians frequently have to do several intricate calculations while working. Previously, they used a variety of reference books and manually entered calculations into a scientific calculator. The likelihood of human mistakes grew significantly due to this lengthy and onerous process.

Using applications for Android or iOS like ElectroDroid PRO, electricians may work much more effectively nowadays. ElectroDroid is among the top apps for electricians since it offers a robust collection of tools and calculators for all kinds of electronic applications. ElectroDroid is the most well-known and complete electrical calculator software on the market.


EveryCircuit is an electric circuit simulator that allows users to design and test circuits in a virtual environment. It is a useful tool for students, educators, and professionals who want to learn about or experiment with electrical circuits without the need for physical components. EveryCircuit features a user-friendly interface and a wide range of components and features that make it easy to build and analyze circuits. It also includes a library of pre-designed circuits that users can explore and learn from.

Decibel X

Decibel X is a mobile app that allows users to measure noise levels in their environment. It is often used by electricians to ensure that the noise levels generated by their equipment are within safe limits. The app uses the microphone on a user’s device to measure the decibel level of the surrounding environment and provides real-time readings as well as a history of past measurements. This can help electricians ensure that their work is not generating excessive noise that could be harmful to themselves or others.

Electromagnetic Detector EMF

An electromagnetic field (EMF) detector app is a mobile application that allows users to measure the presence and strength of electromagnetic fields using their smartphone or other mobile device. These apps are often used by electricians to identify sources of EMF radiation, such as electrical wiring or appliances, and to ensure that the levels of EMF radiation in a given environment are within safe limits. Some EMF detector apps use the smartphone’s built-in sensors to measure EMF radiation, while others require the user to connect a separate EMF detection device to their smartphone. In addition to providing real-time readings of EMF radiation levels, many EMF detector apps also include information about the potential health risks associated with exposure to high levels of EMF radiation.

eTools Lite

eTools Lite is a mobile app that provides electricians with access to a variety of tools and resources for their work. The app includes a variety of tools, such as a voltage tester, a wire size calculator, and a conduit fill calculator, that can help electricians with common tasks such as testing circuits, sizing wire, and determining the correct conduit size for a given installation. The app also includes access to electrical code information and other resources that can help electricians stay up-to-date on industry standards and regulations. eTools Lite is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.


In conclusion, there are many different apps available for electricians that can help them with their work. These apps can provide access to tools and resources such as voltage testers, wire size calculators, and electrical code information. Some of the best electrician apps include Decibel X, an EMF detector app, and eTools Lite. The right app for a given electrician will depend on their specific needs and preferences.

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