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Download The Best Gcam mod for Oneplus 7t

Get Google Camera for the OnePlus 7T. (G Cam APK) Impressive Google Camera for OnePlus 7T features include the ability to capture beautiful portrait photos and night photography that yields outstanding results. You can change the Nightscape shutter count thanks to the most recent update. We provide the top G Cam Mod APK for practically all phones. You’ve come to the right place if you want to use G Cam 8.2 for your OnePlus 7T, which includes the most recent versions 8.2 and 8.3. Yes, the most recent Pixel 6 / 6 Pro features are also included in this G Cam upgrade. Many new capabilities seen in the Pixel app have recently been added to the G Cam 8.2 update for the Android 11 camera app. The app’s adaptation to various Android devices has been masterfully executed by the developers.

Download Google Camera (G Cam 8.2 APK) for OnePlus 7T

The OnePlus 7T currently supports the GCam 8.2 version. Google published this version on the Play Store for Android 11. This is the most recent version of the OnePlus 7T that is supported. Use the link below to download GCam 8.2 for the OnePlus 7T.
For the OnePlus 7T, download the Google Camera (GCam) APK.

We don’t squander your time by offering various G Cam APK download links. Each Google Camera XDA APK that we evaluate is provided here with a download link. However, if you discover that the APK file is incompatible with your OnePlus 7T, please comment below and we’ll replace it with the most recent G Cam Mod APK.

What is G Cam Mod for OnePlus 7T?

The premium camera software available on Pixel devices is the Google Camera app (G Cam). The Google Pixel phones stand out from the competition because to the G Cam app, which is a highly optimized camera app. Thanks to developers like Arnova8G2 and BSG, the Google Camera (G Cam 8.2) can now be loaded and utilized on the OnePlus 7T.

How To Install Google Camera G Cam 8.1 on OnePlus 7T?

Many Android developers have ported Google Camera to a variety of devices for greater support. You must root your device to enable Camera2API and then install the Google Camera App if you have an earlier Android smartphone that shipped with Android 7.0 and is currently running Android 9.0 Pie. Note: The older version must be removed from your device before installing the new version; otherwise, an error will appear. The procedures to install the G Cam Mod for the OnePlus 7T are as follows:

Step 1: Enable CAMERA2API

You must activate CAMERA2API to use the G Cam on the OnePlus 7T. The software now functions flawlessly with all the settings, including Astrophotography and Night Mode. Many Android developers have ported Google Camera to a variety of devices for greater support. You must root your device to enable Camera2API and then install the Google Camera App if you have an earlier Android smartphone that shipped with Android 7.0 and is currently running Android 9.0 Pie. You can enable CAMERA2API by using the instructions in this article.

Step 2: Download G Cam APK for OnePlus 7T

Ensure that the Google Camera APK File (G Cam 8.2) you download is the proper one for the OnePlus 7T. Your device must be able to run the G Cam Mod version. The G Cam 8.2 APK download link is provided above. Find the downloaded APK file in the File Manager after it has finished downloading. Android 10 and Android 11 should support the app.

Step 3: Allow installation from Unknown Sources

To allow installations from Unknown Sources on your Android device, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and turn it on. Additionally, you must allow installation from the Chrome browser on your OnePlus 7T if you plan to open the APK file with the Chrome browser (or another app).

Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Chrome (or another programme) > Install Unknown Apps to accomplish that. Click the toggle switch to make the “Allow from this Source” option active. A screenshot is provided below.

Step 4: Install the downloaded APK file

Go to the location of the downloaded G Cam APK file for the OnePlus 7T and touch on it to install Google Camera Latest Version 8.2 after successfully completing all of the aforementioned procedures. Congratulations! The G Cam APK has successfully installed.

About G Cam 8.2+ APK for OnePlus 7T

Numerous features are included with G Cam for the OnePlus 7T, including Cinematic Pan, Night Sight Portrait Mode, Quick Zoom, and improved Super Res Zoom. The Night Sight mode, Astrophotography mode, and HDR+ Enhanced capabilities included in G Cam 7.4, G Cam 7.3, or earlier are unaltered. Among the noteworthy characteristics are:
H265 photo booth video capture

  • Night Vision
  • Long-press the viewfinder to quickly reach the Lens mode.
  • RAW assistance
  • Live View
  • Best Shot
  • New UI
  • Dynamic Autofocus
  • New panorama interface, which eliminates the need for tiresome manual snapping and the blue dots.
  • Team selfies
  • Switching to panorama mode while recording audio
  • High-Def Zoom
  • The Natural or Soft Focus sliders are now available in Portrait Mode and may be accessed through Google Photos (the Pop slider has been replaced with a Color & Pop slider).

Improvements & Comparison

  • This updated version of the OnePlus 7T comes with a number of upgrades, including better portrait mode shots, better low light photos, and better camera processing.
  • When comparing the photographs, G cam’s colour balancing was more accurate than the stock camera’s, particularly when the stock camera’s AI mode was used, which gives the photos a colorful appearance.
  • The images made with the G Cam app on the OnePlus 7T appear to be more accurate with the real-life scene, yet you may prefer the colour reproduction performed with AI mode ON.
  • Additionally, the G Cam Mod improves low-light images because it adds more details to the OnePlus 7T’s photos.

Popular Developers of G Cam APK

We would like to express our gratitude to the developers behind the Google Camera APK for OnePlus 7T, namely Arnova8G2, BSG, XDA-Developers, San1ty, and Celso Azevedo.

How to enable Astrophotography/Night Mode in G Cam for OnePlus 7T?

Go to the Gcam Settings page.
Click Advanced.
For the OnePlus 7T, there is an option to enable the Astrophotography Mode and Night Mode.
Toggle it on by tapping the button.


You’ve completed this tutorial and downloaded the G Cam APK for the OnePlus 7T. I hope you enjoyed reading this article about Google Camera for Android. For the most recent changes, return frequently to this article. I am confident that this guide will assist you in getting the greatest G Cam for the OnePlus 7T.

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