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How to Turn Off Ring Camera without App 

One of the most adaptable security tools available is the ring camera, which can be easily integrated into your smart home and records high-quality recordings and allows two-way communication.

The ability to switch off your ring camera, especially when trying to figure out How to turn off ring camera without app, is one of the things that, aside from the remarkable capabilities that ring cameras offer, are practically impossible to accomplish.

And in some situations, such as when you’re in your backyard or sitting in front of your surroundings or when you’re occupied inside your room and have to move around frequently, it won’t be necessary to keep the recording going because you are the one in the area and you don’t want to be storing extra data onto the device.

Simply turning it OFF is an option, but doing so is more difficult than it might seem, especially if you want to do it manually without using an app.

However, there are ways to turn it off without the app, and in this article, I’ll be writing about how to do so while simultaneously discussing how to turn it off with the app.

How to Turn Off Ring Camera without App

Use either a hardwired Ring doorbell or a plug-in Ring camera before you may do this. If you have the appropriate type of Ring camera, the two main ways to turn it off are shown below. A battery-powered Ring camera won’t work for this.

Using an Installed switch

You must have a switch linked to the Ring camera in order to accomplish this, likely mounted on the wall and functioning similarly to a light switch. Electrical engineers are needed to assist with this phase in order to install the switch. After installation, all it takes is a button press to turn the ring camera ON or OFF.

Using your house electrical panel

If you don’t have a power panel placed in your home, you will need to use this alternative, which involves turning off the electrical panel, and it is not a simple fix because it calls for an engineer’s assistance.

Simply go to your electric panel, turn off the circuit for the Ring doorbell, or simply turn on the entire circuit, to accomplish this.

Using a Physical Barrier

His solution to the problem of how to switch off the ring camera without an app is more original. and to execute it, just acquire a physical barrier and

Moving future, in addition to utilising the ring app, there are additional options to disable the ring camera in order to turn it off.

You may easily disable the setting to stop the ring camera from recording instead than fumbling to turn it off.

Now that you are aware of how to deactivate a ring camera without an app, let’s move on. The different methods to put your ring camera in a condition that drastically scales back its operations and is essentially the same as being OFF are listed below.

Disable the Motion Detection of the Ring Camera

Since there are numerous simple ways to stop your ring camera from working whenever a motion is detected, you may decide that you don’t need it to operate at a specific time, maybe when you are busy organising. One way to do this is to turn off motion detection.

Follow these steps to accomplish that:

  • On your phone, open the Ring application.
  • Access your ring account.
  • Go to the ring device you wish to deactivate now and tap on it.
  • You should see a slider at the top; to completely turn off motion detection, move the slider all the way to the left.

Use Modes to Turn Camera OFF

Moving on, another option you can attempt is to switch the mode on the ring camera to prevent it from operating.

A recently added feature called The Modes makes it much simpler to determine when to turn your Ring camera on or off based on specific behaviours. For instance, you can set the mode to cease recording when you leave the house.

And here’s how to alter the mode:

  • Start the Ring app.
  • Access the menu. By tapping the hamburger icon in the top left corner, you can get there.
  • Click settings.
  • Tap modes now.
  • If you see “enable modes,” just turn it on and pick the default options. Different modes with the names Disarmed, Home, and Away are displayed on the following screen.
  • Select the camera you wish to switch off next, then move on to the Motion detection and live review section.
  • Lastly, touch to save.
  • Next, you can disable the WIFI to prevent the ring camera from functioning.

Turn OFF Ring WIFI Connection

Now, it’s understandable if you don’t want to switch off the WiFi in your home.

If your router has a guest network capability, enable it and switch it on or off whenever you want to turn off the router. Alternatively, purchase a different router and turn it off whenever you want to turn off the ring camera.

Following are some often asked questions on the subject, now that you know how to turn off ring camera without app.

How to Disable Ring without Parents knowing

Turning off the notifications for the ring camera you don’t want them to know about is a quick and easy way to accomplish that.

You might not be able to change this setting if you are a shared user and the person in charge of the account disables shared users’ access, but if it isn’t changed here’s how to do it.

  • Get the Ring app going.
  • Next, tap the Hamburg icon in the upper-left area of the application interface.
  • Tap Devices now and choose the desired device. Turn off the notification
  • Locate “ring alert” and toggle it OFF on the following screen. The colour shouldn’t be blue after doing this.
  • NOTE: If you want to determine how to do anything, use this procedure. How to disable a ring camera without being notified

Does Turning off WIFI Disable the Ring Camera

Your ring camera needs an internet connection to function and won’t be able to deliver live streams to your tablet or smartphone without one. But that’s not all. Killing the wifi connection to the ring chime renders it worthless because it won’t be able to save the video recording to the cloud.

If your WIFI signal is weak, you can find out how to improve it here.

Can anyone Change your Ring Camera Settings?

Yes, if you give someone access to your ring camera, they will be able to access the settings and modes and turn them back on.

So, disable shared user access to prevent anyone from accessing your Ring camera’s settings. For information on how to stop sharing access with anyone, click here.

How to Disable Ring Camera on all Devices

Simply turn off motion detection or use the camera’s modes to turn it off on all of your devices to disable the ring camera. The next step is to stop shared access so that other devices sharing your account also cannot turn the camera on.

To turn off your ring camera for all devices, follow the directions below.

  • Activate the Ring app.
  • Go to the menu next. To access it, touch on the hamburger icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Next, tap Modes after selecting Settings. If it isn’t enabled yet, just enable it and select the default value.
  • The Disarmed, Home, or Away modes can be chosen for the model you desire to modify.
  • Tap the camera you want to turn off on the following screen, then flick the switch.
  • Now, The toggle next to Motion detection and Live views should be turned off.
  • Then click Save.
  • Since you’ve figured out how to disable the Ring camera without an app and you’ve already used the “modes” to do so, just switch on Shared User Access to prevent anyone from changing these settings.

How to Disable Ring Doorbell Pro

The instructions listed below will help you disable your ring doorbell pro device.

  • Get the Ring app going.
  • choose Devices.
  • Tap your Ring Pro now.
  • Enter the Doorbell Kit settings under Device Settings.
  • Tap the switch once more to turn off your doorbell chime. It must be white and ash for the toggle to be green, indicating that it is still activated. colour
  • Finally, tap done to save your changes.


Now that you know how to switch off the ring camera both with and without the app, doing so shouldn’t be as difficult. However, using the modes option to turn off your ring camera is far simpler than using any of the other methods mentioned above. Although it is only supported at the moment in the US and the UK, additional nations will eventually adopt it.

Additionally, you can learn how to reset your ring spotlight camera here if you are experiencing any problems with it.


In the Ring app:

  1. Tap the three lines on the top left.
  2. Tap Device.
  3. Tap Device Settings.
  4. Tap the General Settings tile.
  5. Tap Deactivate Device.
  6. Tap Keep Events — which includes videos.
  7. Tap Got It! to complete the process.

A smart device (phone or tablet) and the Ring app, which enables you to monitor and control all of your Ring devices in one location, are required for the setup and use of Ring products.

To turn off motion detection, tap the ring doorbell you want to use. For, the device’s information screen is visible. Step 5: Snooze the motions while the new screen is displayed and adjusted.

To turn off motion detection, tap on the ring doorbell of your choice. In order to display the device’s information screen. Step 5: Make the motions of a new screecher while snoozing. Will Ring work without a smartphone? To set up your Ring Video Doorbell, you’ll need a compatible smartphone. Being able to receive those alerts on your phone is one advantage of using a Ring video doorbell. However, the Ring Video Doorbell will still ring if the phones are off the hook.
“Adjust” is displayed.

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