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How To Get Moisture Out Of Phone Charging Port

It’s simple to get water in the charging port of your smartphone. There is always a chance when your phone is close by, whether you are cooking, exercising, or even taking a shower. So what should you do if you discover water in your USB port? To ensure that your phone recovers securely, look over the following dos and don’ts.

How to Dry Your USB Charging Port: 3 Tips

Make sure you follow these tips suggested by Techpotamus. If you want to figure out how to remove moisture in a charging port.

1. Put Your Phone in Front of a Fan, or Leave it to Dry Naturally

We advise setting your phone’s USB port in front of a fan or even close to an open window (if you’re certain it won’t rain!) to hasten the drying process. However, you should generally avoid using heaters and heat lamps because they may cause your phone’s temperature to rise to an unsafe level, melt the outside, or result in other heat-related problems.

Put Your Phone in Front of a Fan, or Leave it to Dry Naturally

However, you may always leave your phone to air out for a few hours, preferably in a dry, warm place like an airing cupboard, if you don’t have a fan and you don’t feel safe leaving it near a window. However, avoid placing your phone directly in the sun since this can also lead to overheating.

2. Listen to Your Phone’s Warning or Advice Messages

Your phone will probably notify you if it notices moisture in the USB port. Therefore, if you receive an alert of this nature, pay attention to it!

Depending on the problem and the manufacturer, several USB error messages may appear. Though they shouldn’t be disregarded, they are typically variations of “Unplug charger” or “Liquid or debris found.”

3. Place Your Phone in Rice Overnight

Yes, it is true what they say. You may get rid of any moisture by putting your phone in some rice. Because rice is a water-absorbent substance, it can assist in removing water from your phone when it becomes wet. This procedure has been tried and tested, however, it is recommended to do it overnight because it can take some time.

Place Your Phone in Rice Overnight

How to Get Moisture Out of Your Phone Port: 3 Things to Avoid When Your USB Port Is Wet

Here are the most important things to avoid doing when you have moisture in your phone’s USB port.

1. Do Not Charge Your Phone

Charging your phone when your USB port is wet is the most crucial thing to never do. It is imperative to heed this advice for two key reasons. The majority of smartphone warning messages will advise you not to charge your phone when moisture is present in the USB port.

Do Not Charge Your Phone

First off, make sure the moisture alert on your phone has vanished before connecting it to a power source because doing so is exceedingly dangerous while there is moisture in the connection port. Additionally, exposing your charger to water can cause it to malfunction, so even if it has a low battery, you should wait for it to dry off before recharging.

2. Do Not Blow Into Your Smartphone USB Port

One of your initial reactions may be to blow into your USB port to dry it out if there is water inside. This is not advised, though, as it is ineffective and your forceful breath may drive the water deeper into the USB port. Therefore, be sure to substitute one of the aforementioned suggestions.

Do Not Blow Into Your Smartphone USB Port

3. Do Not Shake Your Phone

One thing is for sure: shaking your phone won’t get rid of wetness! This might be alluring, especially if you’re terrified of irreparably damaging your USB port, but it won’t work. Using a constant stream of cool air, as previously mentioned, is the best approach to dry a wet USB port. Therefore, avoid shaking your phone excessively because it probably won’t do much to assist.

Now You Know How to Dry Your Phone Port

It’s all too simple to get moisture in your USB port, but if you follow these simple instructions, it doesn’t have to be a serious or expensive problem. The best way to prevent this is to keep water away from your phone, but if it’s unavoidable, they are your best alternative.


Leave your phone to dry naturally or place it in front of a fan. We advise setting your phone’s USB port in front of a fan or even close to an open window (if you’re certain it won’t rain!) to hasten the drying process.

The charging port should be facing down as you leave your device in a dry area for at least an hour. By doing so, air will be able to enter the port and make extra water drip out naturally. If you think your USB-C or Lightning cable may be wet as well, leave it exposed to air for an additional hour in a dry location.

Never, we mean never, use a blow dryer since the heat can harm your phone. Remove the battery, SIM card, and anything else that can be taken easily from your phone or another device if the case is removable. Dry off all of those items.

The bare minimum is 24 hours; if at all possible, aim for 48 or more. Before then, don’t press the power button to “try it out” or “see if it’s fixed yet.” Still, water can easily conduct electricity to areas of the circuit board where it is not intended if there is any inside.

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