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How To Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone To Mine

When a boy spends more time on his phone than with his girlfriends, it’s fairly common for girls to feel skeptical of him. It’s okay to check your boyfriend’s phone activity after you see certain indications that he might have found a new romantic interest. The idea of syncing your boyfriend’s phone with yours enters the picture at this point. Simultaneously, if you are concerned about someone who would not access your phone. Don’t worry we have also mentioned a technique to stop everyone from accessing your phone remotely by following simple techniques.

Although you don’t want your boyfriend to know that you are watching him, you still monitor everything he does on his phone. So, in this article, we’ll show you how to sync both iOS and Android devices with my boyfriend’s phone.

Way 1. Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone to Mine – Android

You’ll need a reputable phone syncing app to find the answer to the question of how to sync my boyfriend’s android phone to mine. We advise Kids Guard Pro for Android phone tracker if your boyfriend uses one. To surreptitiously sync your boyfriend’s phone with yours and begin remotely monitoring his phone usage, you first install the software on his phone.

What Can You Sync with Kids Guard Pro for Android?

The Kids Guard Pro for Android app stays hidden once it is installed on your boyfriend’s phone and syncs the information below, which you can access from your phone.

 Social Media:

By visiting your Dashboard on Kids Guard Pro for Android, you can see your boyfriend’s social media activity right from your phone. You can check all of his chats on social media platforms, ranging from WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat to Facebook, Line, and even Tinder, to dispel your doubts.

 Text Messages:

Kids Guard Pro for Android allows you to check your boyfriend’s text messages as well. You can view every sent and received message in full detail, as well as the deleted texts that you should be paying closer attention to.

 Call History:

You can look at your boyfriend’s call logs in addition to his texts to find out who he is speaking to. You can view the caller’s name or number, the call’s type, duration, date, and time. If you want, you can export the call log for later use.

 Phone Conversation:

You can remotely record your boyfriend’s phone conversation from your device using the Kids Guard Pro app for Android. The phone call can be recorded in real time, and you can listen to the recordings whenever you like because they are always available on your Dashboard.

 Browsing History:

You may keep an eye on your boyfriend’s browsing history to learn more about the sites he visits and the queries he types in. By looking at his browsing history, you can infer his mental state and intended behavior in the future.

 Real-time and Historical Location:

You can track your boyfriend’s position in real time on a map with the Kids Guard Pro app for Android. You can look up his location history to learn more about his travels. Additionally, you can set a Geofence so that you will be alerted whenever your boyfriend crosses the virtual boundary you have established.

 App Activity:

You can monitor your boyfriend’s smartphone usage, including the apps he is using when. You can view a list of every installed app, along with information about how frequently and for how long each one is used each day.

 Screenshots & Secret Photos:

Last but not least, Kids Guard Pro for Android enables you to remotely manage your boyfriend’s device. Anytime you wish, you can take screenshots from your boyfriend’s phone. Similarly, whenever you have doubts about who your boyfriend is with, you can remotely access the camera on his phone and take pictures of the area.

Steps to Sync Boyfriend’s Android Phone to Mine

Here are the steps for using the Kids Guard Pro for Android app to sync my Android phone with my boyfriend’s.

First, create an account with KidsGuard Pro.

To register for the Kids Guard Pro for Android app, click the “Monitor Now” button and enter your email address. To use all the features of the app and sync your boyfriend’s phone, pick a plan that works for you.

Install KidsGuard Pro for Android on the boyfriend’s phone in step two.

Obtain physical access to your boyfriend’s Android phone and use www.clevguard.net to download and install the Kids Guard Pro for Android app. After installation, launch the programmed and configure it precisely.

  1. Sync and keep an eye on your boyfriend’s phone

When you successfully deploy the software, your boyfriend’s phone will instantly sync with your phone. By entering into your account through KidsGuard Pro’s website gateway, you must proceed to the KidsGuard Pro Dashboard.

You can examine call records, text messages, social media applications, and all the other factors we’ve covered. Since the syncing is almost real-time, you won’t be annoyed by a delayed syncing.

sync boyfriends phone with kidsguard pro

Way 2. Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone to Mine – iOS

You must use the KidsGuard Pro for iOS software if your boyfriend owns an iPhone. You’ll need a computer for this, where you can sync the information on your boyfriend’s iPhone and check in on him whenever you choose.

Your guy might also be backing up his iPhone data on his PC. The best method for syncing my phone with my boyfriend’s without jailbreaking is as described here.

What Can You Sync with Kids Guard Pro for iOS?

Here are all the iPhone’s settings and information that you can sync and check on the target computer.

 Social Media:

You can connect the social media conversations on your boyfriend’s iPhone to your PC using Kids Guard Pro for iOS. WhatsApp, Line, Kik, Viber, and many other social media messaging apps are supported by the programmed for message tracking. You can view shared media files, emojis, and other chat-related content in addition to messages.

 Text Messages:

You should keep track of your boyfriend’s text messages because text messages are the preferred method of communication for the majority of iPhone users. You can sync every text message sent and received on your boyfriend’s iPhone to the target PC using Kids Guard Pro for iOS. Most significantly, nothing will slip through the cracks because you can sync deleted text messages as well.

 Call History:

After syncing the data, you may view your boyfriend’s iPhone’s call history. The caller number, call type, call length, and call date and time will all be displayed in the call logs. If your guy speaks to strangers for an extended period of time, you can understand.

 Browsing History:

You can keep tabs on the websites your boyfriend has visited and the searches he’s done on his iPhone. Analyzing his browsing history will help you comprehend his thought process and his intentions for the future.


You can view your boyfriend’s past locations on a map with Kids Guard Pro for iOS so you know where he has been. To be able to locate specific locations, you can obtain the complete address along with latitude and longitude. You can comprehend why people are going to these places.

 Text Files:

You can watch them secretly from the Kids Guard Pro for iOS app on your computer after syncing the data if your boyfriend has saved any reminders, calendar dates, or notes. You can confirm your suspicion and better understand his future plans if you do this.

 Media Files:

You get to look through all of your boyfriend’s iPhone’s pictures and videos. These comprise the pictures and videos that were taken with the phone as well as those that were uploaded to and shared on social media platforms, web browsers, and other apps.

Steps to Sync Boyfriend’s iPhone to Mine

Here are the steps for using the Kids Guard Pro for iOS app to sync my phone with my boyfriend’s.

Step 1: Register for KidsGuard Pro

First, register an account for the Kids Guard Pro for iOS app by clicking the “Monitor Now” option and entering a working email address. After that, buy a suitable plan to use the software without any restrictions.

Install KidsGuard Pro for iOS on a computer in step two.

Ideally, the computer where your partner backs up his iPhone data should be the one you can access. Install the Kids Guard Pro for iOS app at www.useapp.net. Next, use a USB cable or Wi-Fi to connect your boyfriend’s iPhone to the computer.

  • Sync data and keep an eye on your boyfriend’s phone

To begin scanning, choose View iTunes Data or View iCloud Data and then choose your boyfriend’s iPhone. You can check all the various parameters from Dashboard once the scanning and syncing are finished.

sync boyfriends phone with kidsguard pro

Way 3. Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone via Google

You can use the Google Sync feature to sync your boyfriend’s phone data into yours if both of you have Android phones and he uses one. You must know the login information for your boyfriend’s Google account, where he backs up his phone data. Then, carry out the subsequent actions.


Step 1: Sign into your boyfriend’s Google account on your Android phone.

Step 2: Select Users and Accounts from the Settings menu.

Step 3: Select the Account Sync option under Google.

account sync

Step 4: Select the Sync Now option by tapping the three-dot icon.

google sync now

Step 5: To ensure proper syncing, repeat steps 4 and 5 on your boyfriend’s phone.

Limitation: The hardest part is that you need to know your boyfriend’s Google account credentials. Additionally, you won’t be able to view your boyfriend’s phone’s remote control, real-time location, or social media activity.

Way 4. Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone via iCloud

If both you and your boyfriend have iPhones, iCloud is a great way to connect their phones for free. In actuality, it is the simplest way to instantly sync two iPhones. However, there are some restrictions that might be too great for you to overcome. The steps are listed below.


The first step is to confirm that your iPhone is signed in using your boyfriend’s Apple ID.

Step 2: Open the Settings app on your boyfriend’s iPhone after gaining access to it.

Step 3: Tap the name of the profile to access the iCloud menu.

Step 4: Enable all of your boyfriend’s iPhone’s settings that you want to sync with your own iPhone.

Step 5: Rerun each step on your iPhone one more time. All the parameters that you want to sync should be toggled on.

icloud sync

Limitation :Obtaining your boyfriend’s Apple ID and password is the main restriction. Second, he can monitor your phone actions by synchronizing your data onto his iPhone if you use his Apple ID on your iPhone. Furthermore, synching the usual data from his iCloud storage would not allow you to track social media messages.

Way 5. Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone via Rooting or Jailbreaking

If you can jailbreak or root your boyfriend’s iPhone or Android device, you can instantly sync your boyfriend’s phone data. After rooting or jailbreaking your boyfriend’s phone, you can install a variety of apps and sync everything using your boyfriend’s phone.

Limitation: Rooting a smartphone voids the phone’s warranty and cracks open the device’s security firewall. Attackers will be able to exploit the device’s security. You won’t want that to happen because your private conversations and images might be seen.

How Do You Tell If Your Boyfriend is Hiding Something on His Phone?

The following are indicators that your partner may be keeping something from you.

  • recently secured his phone with a lock so that you could not access it while he was away.
  • When he sees you, he quickly puts his phone away so that you cannot see it.
  • uses a phone late at night, primarily for texting and social networking apps.
  • When you are close, he angles his body to conceal what he is reading or typing on his phone.
  • Clears call logs, media files, and messages on a regular basis.
  • Never allows you to use his phone without giving you an excuse, and even in the bathroom, he removes it.
  • begins ignoring you and concentrating more on his phone.

FAQ about Syncing Boyfriend’s Phone

If you have access to your boyfriend’s Google account credentials, you can read text messages and sync data without touching his phone using the Google Sync feature on your phone. Similar to that, if you have access to your boyfriend’s iCloud account, you can read his text messages without having to touch his phone.

To view the conversations, emoticons, and media files sent while your boyfriend is conversing on WhatsApp, download Kids Guard Pro for Android or iOS. In fact, you can use the Kids Guard Pro for Android app to take live screenshots to see who your partner is conversing with at any given moment.

If you sync your boyfriend’s phone using a remote monitoring app, he won’t be aware of it. However, there is a good chance that your boyfriend will find out if you use any free method, like iCloud or Google.

Final Words

We’ve covered every method there is for syncing my boyfriend’s phone with mine. You may sync from Google Sync for Android devices and iCloud for iPhones for free. However, the restrictions and dangers are excessive. Instead, we advise using a professional app. To sync your boyfriend’s phone with yours without a hitch, check out Kids Guard Pro for Android and Kids Guard Pro for iOS.

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