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Want to travel to space? The most expensive one minute is 20 million yuan

In many sci-fi or works with sci-fi elements, human beings have long been able to easily leave the earth and explore the vast starry sky. But it is a pity that, so far, the pace of human exploration of the universe is still very immature. Not to mention immigrating to other planets, just going to space is something that most people cannot achieve in their lifetime. Recently, Techpotamus noticed that an organization has produced a cost comparison chart of space travel, which is very interesting and may provide a certain reference for our future space travel (completely impossible).

  This list lists some of the costs of space travel from 2001 to 2021. Among them, on April 28, 2001, the rich Dennis Tito and some engineers took a Russian Soyuz spacecraft for a 9-day space trip at a cost of $20 million; on July 31, 2021, Branson and some Employees took Virgin Galactic Solidarity to the edge of space for a 90-minute trip costing $450,000; Amazon Bezos took Blue Origin New Shepherd on July 20, 2021, costing $28 million US dollars, a 10-minute trip; on September 15, 2021, four people including the rich Jared Isaacman took the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft 2, costing $55 million, for a 3-day space trip.

  According to the data in this picture, the cost of space travel is indeed not affordable for ordinary people. Even if it is just to enter the edge of space, it will cost at least hundreds of thousands of dollars. And the most expensive trip cost 2.8 million US dollars in one minute, which is equivalent to about 20 million yuan. However, in 2025, my country is expected to achieve suborbital travel, and the cost is relatively cheap, as long as 2 million to 3 million yuan. Uh…cheap is relative.

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